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Bellator 213: Macfarlane vs. Letourneau live stream, play-by-play, results, and discussion

Bloody Elbow is the place to be for live results and full play-by-play of Bellator 213: Macfarlane vs. Letourneau from Hawaii.

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Join us tonight (Saturday, December 15th) on Bloody Elbow for live results and detailed play-by-play as Bellator 213 comes to you from the Neal S. Blaisdell Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Capping off this weekend’s doubleheader of Bellator MMA shows is a women’s flyweight title main event between Hawaii’s own Ilima-Lei Macfarlane and title challenger Valerie Letourneau. In the co-main event, former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida meets former Bellator middleweight champion Rafael Carvalho, with the bout contested at 185 lbs.

Other action includes “King Mo” Lawal against Liam McGeary, as well as a Bellator welterweight tournament quarterfinal between Ed Ruth and Neiman Gracie.

The prelims can be watched right here on Bloody Elbow, starting at 8:30 PM ET/5:30 PM PT. Bellator will live stream the prelims, and you can watch it at the top of the page when it becomes available. The main card can be viewed on Paramount Network at 10 PM ET/PT. DAZN is also live streaming the prelims and main card.

Ilima-Lei Macfarlane vs. Valerie Letourneau

Round 1 - Overhand right from Macfarlane. Leg kick. Inside leg kick. Macfarlane jumps in with two shots. Slow start from Letourneau. Outside leg kick from the champ. Letourneau stuffs a takedown attempt but eats a right. Right hook from Letourneau. Stiff jab from Macfarlane. Letourneau with a combination. Long feeling-out process. Left hook from Letrourneau. 10-9 Macfarlane.

Round 2 - Macfarlane gets an immediate takedown. She’s working from full guard. After getting nothing going, she backs out. She jumps back in against the fence with punches and tries to mount, but shes off balance. Now she’s just sitting on her and dropping back elbows. Letourneau pops out and takes her back standing. She lands a few punches. They separate. Inside leg kick from Macfarlane. Again. Not a lot going on. They trade kicks. Macfarlane jumps in with a left. Couple of leg kicks. Letourneau returns them. 10-9 Macfarlane.

Round 3 - Letourneau presses a bit. A lot of feinting. Macfarlane in on a takedown attempt. Letourneau defending well with a whizzer. Macfarlane takes it the other way and gets her down, straight to her back. She secures both hooks. Three minutes to go. She’s up high now, trying to trap an arm. She gets it pinned. She steps over for an armbar. Letourneau defends but now she’s in a triangle. Letourneau trying to fight it but Macfarlane cracks her with elbows. Letourneau flips over and she taps! Wow. That was beautiful.

Ilima-Lei Macfarlane defeated Valerie Letourneau via submission (triangle choke), 3:19 of round 3

Lyoto Machida vs. Rafael Carvalho

Round 1 - Body kick from Machida. He lands a left. Carvalho clinches. Knee was low. Machida takes a few seconds. Carvalho lands inside and clinches again. Nothing happens there. Body kick from Machida. Inside leg kick. Machida with a lead left. Carvalho with a takedown. Machida lands a few strikes from the bottom and Carvalho backs out. Another kick and a left from The Dragon. Counter right as well. Carvalho pressing but getting countered. Machida’s nose is bleeding. 10-9 Machida.

Round 2 - Machida with three head kicks in a row. Carvalho lands a shot and Machida backs off. They clinch. Knees to the legs from Carvalho. The ref splits them after a while due to inactivity. They trade kicks. Head kick from Machida. Carvalho presses again. Machida on the bike. Nice right from Machida. Front kick and a superman punch from Lyoto. Carvalho caught him off balance with a shot and Machida tumbles away. Two low kicks from Machida. Mchida comes charging across the cage with an attack. Doesn’t land anything. 10-9 Machida

Round 3 - Carvalho runs across the cage at Machida and throws a jumping kick that misses. Machida gets a takedown. He works in half guard. He gets to mount with three minutes to go. Lyoto is taking his time here. He’s actually not doing anything. Carvalho gets up with 1:40 to go. Body kick from Machida. Carvalho closes the distance and wants to land kicks. Low blow. Machida needs some time. Machida starts with an immediate body kick. He gets a trip takedown. Carvalho rolls through but Machida tries for a guillotine. He falls back with it but runs out of time. 10-9 and 30-27 Machida.

Lyoto Machida defeated Rafael Carvalho via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Neiman Gracie vs. Ed Ruth

Round 1 - Gracie with a leg kick. Ruth with a jab. Ruth presses with punches. Ruth gets a takedown but Gracie secures a triangle. Ruth trying to fight out. Ruth has some room to move with his arm out though. Gracie is continuing with it. Ruth finally steps over and escapes. Ruth beckons him back to his feet. Gracie trying to jab an throw leg kicks. Ruth pawing. Overhand right and a jab from Ruth. Gracie felt those. Ruth clinches and lands a couple of knees. They battle there for a while before Gracie quickly looks for a guillotine. 10-9 Gracie.

Round 2 - Leg kicks from Gracie. Body kick. Eye poke from Ruth. Gracie needs a break. They’re back to it after a minute or so. Ruth with an outside leg kick. Gracie returns it. They trade jabs. Gracie with a body kick. Gracie with a right. Gracie gets a double leg takedown but Ruth uses the momentum to roll right over into top position. He’s in Gracie’s half guard. Ruth scrambles away from a couple of leg lock attempts. Now Ruth is in full guard. Nothing happening here now. Gracie spins for an armbar. Ruth is just holding on. They’re both pulling on Ruth’s arm. Gracie rolling both ways and almost ended up on Ruth’s back, but Ruth maintained position. That was cool. 10-9 Ruth.

Round 3 - They trade jabs and low kicks. Gracie works the body. Gracie with an overhand right. Two low kicks, then the body. Ruth jabs. Gracie with another overhand right behidn the ear and Ruth was wobbled briefly. Now Ruth with his own. Gracie flops to his back. Ruth jumps into his guard but he’s immediately tied up and they engage in a fun scramble. Ruth is in Gracie’s full guard. Gracie graevines his legs and tries to sweep. He can’t though. Now he’s up high trying to land punches. Gracie got his arm out! Ruth defends though! He maintains top position. Short elbow from Ruth. 10-9 Gracie.

Round 4 - Gracie with an immediate right that does some damage. Gracie with a takedown. Ruth looks fatigued. He slides over to mount quickly. Ruth tries to explode out but Gracie takes his back. He flattens him out. Bunches of punches. Gracie has a body triangle. Gracie looking for the choke. He rolls over to the other side and gets the choke. Ruth taps!

Neiman Gracie defeated Ed Ruth via submission (rear naked choke), 2:17 of round 4

Muhammad Lawal vs. Liam McGeary

Round 1 - Lawal with some leg kicks. McGeary with a head kick. King Mo goes back to the leg kicks. McGeary pawing with the jab but can’t find his range yet. Body shot. McGeary connects a few times with the jab now. Lawal gets a single but McGeary fights him off. He eventually goes down but gets right back up. Lawal with some shots inside before he separates. McGeary with the jab. Front kick from McGeary. Two leg kicks from Lawal. McGeary flurries across the cage with strikes. More leg kicks from King Mo. McGeary with a hard lead left hook that sent Mo reeling. 10-9 Lawal.

Round 2 - Lawal lands a big overhand right. He’s continuing with the low kicks. McGeary goes high with a kick. He decides to go to the body after eating yet another leg kick. Two-punch combination for McGeary. McGeary with a front kick and a jab. Lawl only doing one thing. McGeary with a big combination. Head kick connects glancingly. Eye poke and Mo needs some time. McGeary bac to jabbing on the restart. Mo charges across for a double-leg takedown attempt. McGeary lights him up with elbows that have him hurt. He never let go of his opponent though. They brawl inside. Lawal backing off. 10-9 McGeary.

Round 3 - McGeary jabbing. A big right stuns Lawal, and another, and he goes down! McGeary doesn’t even need to follow up. It’s over.

Liam McGeary defeated Mo Lawal via TKO (strikes), :53 of round 3

Nainoa Dung def. Kona Oliveira by TKO (strikes) at 2:05 of round 3

Preliminary Card (Online at 8:30 p.m. ET)

Dustin Barca def. Isaac Hopps by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Maki Pitolo def. Chris Cisneros by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:40 of round 3

Kai Kamaka III def. Shojin Miki by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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