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‘Jacare’ mad at Anderson Silva’s promised title shot: ‘I’ll start doping’ too

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UFC middleweight Ronaldo Souza feels like Anderson Silva is cutting in line for a title shot.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Souza vs Brunson
Ronaldo Souza
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Ronaldo Souza wants Anderson Silva to wait for his turn.

After the ‘Spider’ was promised a title shot if he were to defeat hot prospect Israel Adesanya at UFC 234, ‘Jacare’ felt like he was being left behind by the UFC. In a recent interview with Portal do Vale Tudo, the 38-year-old contender was outraged by the news.

When he was an exclusive Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor, Ronaldo explained how he never had to deal with other fighters cutting ahead of him and never cut ahead of anyone else himself, he wishes the UFC would go the same way.

“Before I joined MMA, I was already famous for Brazilian jiu-jitsu,” Jacare said. “In my time, I fought the state championship and that’s how I would get my spot at the world tournament. If I didn’t win, there was no world championship. Nobody cut ahead of me. Now, just because someone has a name and everything. The truth is that Anderson is coming back from a doping scandal, he’s unranked.”

Anderson Silva, who was scheduled to face Kelvin Gastelum back in November 2017, was pulled out from the fight after he failed a USADA test on October 26th. Because of the result, which proved to be due to a tainted supplement, the former middleweight champion received a one-year suspension and will now face Adesanya. In Jacare’s opinion, coming back from a positive test and straight into a title eliminator fight is unfair and sends the wrong message.

“After some sh-t like that, where some guy jumps over the cage, hits people or messes up. It’s like, I’ll start doping,” Jacare said. “I’m going to stir up some sh-t, I’ll call everyone names and that might get me a title shot, Here’s what I think, though. My principles are not negotiable. I deserve it, I deserve it. I don’t care if they’ll give it to me or not, I won’t change, this is who I am.”

In his last outing, Ronaldo Souza scored a third-round KO over former champion Chris Weidman back in November. Before that, Jacare dropped a split decision to Kelvin Gastelum in May.