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Pic: Brave CF’s Adam Townsend shows deep scalp cut after decision loss in South Africa

Lightweight Adam Townsend suffered a huge cut during his fight against Mark Hulme at Brave 19.

Adam Townsend vs. Mark Hulme
Courtesy of Brave Combat Federation

(Warning: Graphic picture in the post)

This past weekend was a rather severe one for head injuries. Not only did UFC 231’s Alex Oliveira suffer a massive gash in his forehead in his bout against Gunnar Nelson, but lightweight Adam Townsend ended up with 23 stitches in his scalp following his main event about against Mark Hulme at Brave Combat Federation 19, in Sun City, South Africa, on December 8.

Just like in the Oliveira fight, an elbow was what caused the damage to Townsend’s head. Right in the first moments of bout, Hulme hit him with a precise strike and the blood began pouring out. In Adam’s opinion, the cut was pivotal in his unanimous decision loss.

Adam Townsend’s cut.
Courtsey of Brave Combat Federation

“The cut happened at the beginning of the fight, dude threw that big right elbow at me and busted my head up, it sucked.” Townsend said to Bloody Elbow in an exclusive press release. “Recovery is fine, it’s no big deal, it’s just a cut. I think it’s a fight I’d win nine times out of ten. Mark Hulme is a bum. I think the cut just affected me too much, more than I thought. It drained the energy right out of me, first thing. I didn’t really recover until the third round when I finally started fighting. The first ten minutes I didn’t really fight, just going through the motions, just let him do his thing, and surviving. I should have done more than just trying to survive. That’s the first and only fight in my career I’d like to have a rematch for.”

Before the loss, Adam Townsend (19-5) scored a unanimous decision win over Kieran Joblin at ACB 88. Mark Hulme (6-2), on the other hand, expanded his current streak to five straight wins.