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UFC veteran Nick Diaz hints at Bellator move

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After Dana White’s confirmation that the Jorge Masvidal fight is on, Nick Diaz is now teasing a move to Bellator.

Nick Diaz by Esther Lin Esther Lin

Most of the talks surrounding Nick Diaz these days have been about his UFC return. Last month, reports floated around about him breaking his three-year absence to face Jorge Masvidal at UFC 235 in March.

The UFC made no official announcement until Dana White himself confirmed it during the UFC 231 post-fight presser in Toronto on early Sunday morning.

“As far as I know, sitting right here right now, that fight’s on,” White told members of the media. “As far as I know, that fight is on.

“I’ve been here since Tuesday. Unless something happened since Tuesday, which is very possible, it’s on.”

But as we all know, the Diaz brothers march to their own beat. In one of his Instagram stories that was captured by Twitter user RC Woodley, Nick hinted at a possible move to Bellator.

The caption at the bottom:

F—k ufc it’s all about Bellator now at least they pay me ScCoker is a g

The 35-year-old Diaz did fight under Coker for sometime in the late 2000’s under the now defunct Strikeforce banner. He even held and defended the welterweight title three times before re-signing with the UFC in 2011.