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MMA Squared: Max Holloway’s new title

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Max Holloway’s twenty minute deconstruction of Brian Ortega was a watershed moment, even for the already dominant champion. His place among the featherweight greats must be considered.

Welcome to MMA Squared. Remember #13seconds? How about 13 wins in a row?

Between rounds three and four of his title defense against Brian Ortega the champ looked over at Joe Rogan and called his shot, “This is the round,” correctly predicting the demise of Ortega’s title aspirations would occur within the ensuing five minutes.

Max Holloway has put together five straight years of featherweight perfection, setting records in wins, win streaks, total strikes landed, significant strikes landed, and racking up seven post fight bonuses. Stats are all hindsight though, moments like this are how legends are born.

Take care of yourself and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.