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UFC Adelaide prelims results and highlights: Kunchenko dominates Okami, Reis decisions Nguyen

Check out the results and highlights from the UFC Adelaide prelims, including Alexey Kunchenko’s dominating decision over Yushin Okami.  

The UFC Adelaide prelims just concluded with Alexey Kunchenko completely dominating longtime vet Yushin Okami for the entire fight. When the dust settled, Kunchenko was awarded a 30-27 and two 30-26’s on the scorecards to remain undefeated. Kunchenko now sits at a remarkable 20-0. Right before that, The promotion’s #8 ranked flyweight Wilson Reis earned himself a unanimous decision over the #10 ranked Ben Nguyen off the strength tf his takedowns and grappling. The ‘W’ snapped a three-fight losing skid for Reis.

Also on the prelims, Keita Nakamura leaned on his striking and forward pressure to score a questionable split decision over Salim Touahri. He earned a 30-27 and a 29-28, with one judge scoring the bout 29-28 for Touahri. Kai Kara-France was all over Elias Garcia tonight, landing an absurd amount of strikes en route to a unanimous decision in his promotional debut. Before that, Christos Giagos picked up a grueling decision over longtime MMA veteran Mizuto Hirota. Opening up the event, Damir Ismagulov out-grappled Alex Gorgees to earn himself a unanimous decision in his UFC debut.

Check out the complete results below.

FS1 prelims:

Alexey Kunchenko def. Yushin Okami by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26 x2): Welterweight

Okami shot in for the takedown but Kunchenko was having none of that and took control of the center of the Octagon. A bit of a feeling out process went on, with Kunchenko landing leg kicks here and there. Okami was able to clinch up and put Kunchenko up against the cage, until the referee separated them. Kunchenko cracked Okami to start the second frame, prompting Okami to shoot in. The takedown was fended off and Kunchenko continued to strike away. Despite terrific entries, Okami was unable to manifest any takedowns on his undefeated opposition.

Kunchenko pressed forward in the third, backing up Okami with his kicks. Once again, Okami was stuffed whenever he attempted to get the fight to the ground. A plethora of Travis Browne elbows scored for Kunchenko before the fight returned to open space. Okami had very few answers for what Kunchenko had for him, making this bout very one-sided.

Wilson Reis def. Ben Nguyen by unanimous decision (30-27 x3): Flyweight

Reis was quick to close the distance against the fence and put Nguyen on his bottom. Nguyen stood back to his feet was stuck up against the cage. Back in open space, the flyweights traded strikes, with neither man really landing clean. Reis realized another takedown with about a minute left in the opening round, and the moment Nguyen stood up, he got taken right back down.

Reis scored another takedown early in the second frame, but again Nguyen was able to stand back up. Nguyen began touching up Reis a bit with his boxing before the distance was closed and the grappling resumed. Reis got his opponent down with a minute remaining in the round, but it’s incredibly difficult to hold down a flyweight.

Nguyen got his hands moving to start the final round, going to both the head and the body. Reis threw back, but he was just outside of punching range and whiffed on a lot of shots. Nguyen gave up another takedown against the cage, but again Nguyen found open space. The athletes knucked it out for the closing moments of the fight without a major blow being dealt out by either man.

Keita Nakamura def. Salim Touahri by split decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29): Welterweight

Nakamura took the center of the cage in his southpaw stance. A lot of feeling out was going on, with each fighter measuring the other and looking for an opening. A check hook briefly dropped early in the second frame, but he seemed to recover rather well. Nakamura started to get more aggressive, pressing forward behind his strikes. Touahri fired back, attacking with a series of body crosses before time ran out. Nakamura opened the final round with a couple of head kicks that were just blocked. Touahri spent a lot of time backing up defensively as Nakamura pushed the action.

Kai Kara-France def. Elias Garcia by unanimous decision (30-25 x2, 30-26): Bantamweight

Garcia went for a single leg right away, conceding the bottom position. Kai Kara-France opted to stand back up where he started to land with his hands. A southpaw cross sat down Kai Kara-France, but he quickly recovered. Kai Kara-France took top position again, landing some solid strikes as Garcia looked for subs. Garcia ended up giving his back and took several more blows to the head before the round ended.

A left hook wobbled Garcia in the opening minute of the second round. Garcia kind of just fell over and when Kai Kara-France followed his foe to the floor, he found himself caught in a triangle. Kai Kara-France hung tough and escaped back into top position where he peppered away relentlessly from the top until the round expired.

Kara-France worked his inside leg kicks before landing with some slick boxing combos. A sinister cross sat Garcia down, and Kara-France opted to back away, forcing Garcia to stand. Garcia dove for an ankle pick, but Kara-France was having none of it and proceeded to rain down blows.

Fight Pass prelims:

Christos Giagos def. Mizuto Hirota by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 30-28): Lightweight

Befgor this bout began, the crowd boo’d referee Steve Perceval. Hirota pressed forward, but Giagos started tagging him with some heavy leather. Giagos used the moment to score a takedown up against the fence, but Hirota was able to scramble back up to his feet. Giagos found another takedown, but Hirota used a leg lock to get up before time ran out.

Hirota marched forward again to open up the second stanza, but gave up the takedown in the process. Although Hirota scrambled back to his feet, and fought the second takedown attempt, Giagos was able to plant his foe on his back. Hirota was able to land a set of knees to the face of Giagos right before the bell sounded.

Hirota found top position in the final round, but Giagos reversed the position, stood back up, and blasted a takedown of his own. Hirota kept scrambling back to his feet where he would strike until Giagos closed the distance in search of the takedown. Hirota took the back and then full mount in the final moments of the fight, but couldn’t sniff out the finish before the sand ran out of the hourglass.

Damir Ismagulov def. Alex Gorgees by unanimous decision (30-25 30-26 x2): Lightweight

Gorgees right away began taunting his foe, even delivering a ‘Sydney Slap.’ Ismagulov successfully closed the distance and brought Gorgees down to the floor up against the cage. Gorgees managed to return to his feet but Ismagulov took him right back down. Gorgees finally found open space wasn’t able to steal back the round. Gorgees gave up another takedown early on in the second round. From half guard, Ismagulov was able to chip away with short shots as Georgees struggles to improve his position. Georgees did not return to his feet that round.

Ismagulov punched his way into the clinch, and it was only a matter of time before the takedown presented itself. Back in half guard, we saw more of the same. There was a bunch of short shots from Ismagulov with Georgees being stuck on the bottom. Georgees had a chance in the final 30 seconds back on his feet, but was unable to dish out anything substantial before running out of time.