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Video - Mike Tyson Technique Breakdown Pt 3: Peekaboo Game

Here is a detailed video analysis featuring some signature techniques from this explosive boxing legend. 42 minutes of action analyzing Tyson’s base of operations: his peekaboo style of boxing. Training clips included.

This is the video edition of my comprehensive analysis of Mike Tyson’s Peekaboo boxing game based on my original post on Bloody Elbow for your viewing pleasure. This video was created exclusively for the loyal readers of Bloody Elbow.

The journey so far:

Mike Tyson Technique Breakdown pt 1: Angles of Attack

Mike Tyson Technique Breakdown pt 2: Southpaw attacks

Mike Tyson Technique Breakdown pt 3: Peekaboo

Mike Tyson Technique Breakdown pt 4: The Jab

Mike Tyson Technique Breakdown pt 5: Leaping left hooks

Coming next: Tyson’s body attacks to hooks and uppercuts

About the Author: Kostas Fantaousakis is a researcher of fighting concepts, tactics, and techniques, and a state-certified MMA, grappling, and wrestling coach in Greece. He teaches his unique Speedforce MMA mittwork system © which combines strikes, takedowns, knees, and elbows applied in the Continuous Feedback © mittwork system of the Mayweather family. Kostas is a brown belt in BJJ under MMA veteran and BJJ world champion Wander Braga (the teacher of Gabriel Napao Gonzaga).

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