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KSW 46: Narkun vs Khalidov 2 preview, weigh-ins video

KSW closes out the year with a 100% no-nonsense card, with a title vs title fight and a certified banger in the main event.

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While most organizations put the last event of the year closer to year’s end, KSW looks to close things out early, but with a bang.

KSW 46 is upon us, with a fantastic rematch in the main event. Tomasz Narkun (15-2) will attempt to defeat Mamed Khalidov (34-5, 2 draws) once again. Khalidov had been on such a tear, being undefeated from 2010 to earlier this year. Narkun submitted a man thought to be unstoppable for close to a decade. Khalidov even vacated his middleweight title to make this fight happen. This time around, Khalidov will bring his range, slick striking and relentless submission game.

Light heavyweight champion Narkun is one of the most talented fighters to not get international recognition, defeating fighters such as Sokodjou, Goran Reljić and Karol Celinski and Charles Andrade. He’s got serious power, underrated submissions, and does stuff like this. This rematch is probably the most reasonable thing to do with both fighters, and still holds a tremendous amount of intrigue between two of the most iconic KSW fighters in the organizations history. Their first fight was full of anticipation, and the tension should be even higher this time around.

Mateusz Gamrot (14-0) has been a joy to watch, as he’s developed wonderfully into a complete fighter able to handle things standing or on the ground. He’ll be vying for the vacant lightweight title against former champion Kleber Koike Erbst (24-4, 1 draw), one of the most successful foreign fighters to compete for KSW. Erbst has been a grappling wizard that doesn’t rely exclusively on his submission game, but really knows how to make it look vicious.

Sensational striker Salahdine Parnasse (11-0, 1 draw) faces a stiff test against former featherweight champion “Polish Zombie” Marcin Wrzosek (13-4). Parnasse is surgical with his attacks and loves mixing things up to pick opponents apart, while Wrzosek loves to strike, but is extra aggressive with his submission hunting.

Another former featherweight champion in Artur Sowinski (18-10) fights against Kamil Szymuszowski (16-5).

Current welterweight champion Roberto Soldić (14-3) shocked many in his rematch against South Africa’s wunderkind Dricis Du Plessis in October. Now he takes the short turnaround to step in against Brazilian Vinicius Bohrer (16-6). Roman Szymanski (10-4) will take on Brazilian Daniel Torres (7-3), also at featherweight.

Also, Croatian wrestler Antun Racic (remember him?) (21-8, 1 draw) continues his win streak and hopes to make it four in a row against Sebastian Przybysz (4-1) at bantamweight.

Here’s a few of their impeccable promos for some of their fights;

You can check out the weigh ins (with the live band) right here (link):

Tomasz Narkun vs Mamed Khalidov - 203lb Catchweight

Mateusz Gamrot vs Kleber Koike Erbst - Featherweight title fight

Marcin Wrzosek vs Salahdine Parnasse - Featherweight

Artur Sowinski vs Kamil Szysmuszowski - Lightweight

Roman Szymanski vs Daniel Torres - Featherweight

Grzegorz Szulakowski vs Marian Ziokowski - Lightweight

Roberto Soldic vs Vinicius Bohrer - 176lb Catchweight

Michal Michalski vs Krystian Kaszubowski - Welterweight

Antun Racic vs Sebastian Przybysz - Bantamweight

KSW 46 takes place this Saturday at 1:00pm EST. The event streams live with online PPV from KSW’s site, as well as on for $11.99.