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Mike Perry accuses Ray Borg of being off UFC Denver because he’s ‘scared’, not sick

Mike Perry claims his teammate Ray Borg is off this Saturday’s card because of an altercation during training camp.

Welterweight slugger Mike Perry is not on the best of terms with his Jackson Wink teammate Ray Borg. According to TSN Sports’ report, Perry’s arrival to the new training camp led to some altercations at the gym, especially with the former flyweight title challenger.

Furthermore, when Borg was forced out of his UFC Fight Night 139 bout vs. Joseph Benavidez due to illness, Mike said his partner was not sick at all, but afraid of striking coach Frank Lester.

“He’s not fighting on this card? Aw man, that illness is, man . . .” Perry said. “He got caught, bro. He was talking sh-t about Frank the Tank [JacksonWink striking coach Frank Lester] on his wife’s Instagram story in the background. We heard him talking. ‘I don’t like Frank the Tank. I don’t think he’s a good coach’ and this and that, and he don’t know nothing about Frank. He’s just a f—king hater and that’s why his b-tch ass ain’t showing up this week to f—king fight like a man. Sick, you come down with illness. B-tch you scared!”

Although Perry doesn’t hold back on talking about about Borg, he also explains he doesn’t see Ray very often at the gym because of different time schedules. However, it didn’t stop Platinum from accusing his teammate of hanging out with Donald Cerrone, Perry’s opponent on Saturday night, while badmouthing Lester.

“He was there, he was training, he’s still there I guess,” Perry said of Borg. “The gym is very, there’s a lot people. As a fighter you may go to a gym but I have my plan on how I train, when I train, the times that I train, the people that I train with. . . So we don’t really see all the people all the time. I see Ray Borg a few times but then it’s been like he’s on Cowboy’s nuts and he was hating on Frank and sh*t and ever since he got caught hating on Frank, there’s been this fog in the air. And he don’t say sh-t. I don’t think I’ve ever said two words to Ray Borg.”

Mike Perry is expected to take on Donald Cerrone at UFC Fight Night 139, in Denver, Colorado, on November 10. The card will be headlined by a featherweight bout between Chan Sung Jung and Yair Rodriguez.