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UFC double-champ Daniel Cormier: Brock Lesnar at UFC 235 could be my retirement fight

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Daniel Cormier is now more definite in terms of the date of his final career fight.

UFC double-champ Daniel Cormer wanted to fight Brock Lesnar right after he knocked out Stipe Miocic at UFC 226 last July. With the win over Derrick Lewis in his first title defense as heavyweight champion, this matchup would likely be Cormier’s next fight, and his last.

During the UFC 230 post-fight media scrum, Cormier is expecting the fight to take place on March 2nd at UFC 235, per the company’s first quarter schedule for 2019.

“Yup, that could be the retirement fight for old ‘DC,’” Cormier told reporters.

“That’s crazy, right? When you start to think about it. Talk about having an opportunity to go out on an all-time high. Headlining in Vegas against Brock Lesnar before I turn 40. Two weeks before my birthday, have my biggest fight. It’s crazy.”

“March 2nd 2019 could be the last time you see me fight in the Octagon.”

Cormier has had a stellar 2018 thus far, and after UFC 230, he became the first fighter in company history to defend two titles at the same time. Rightfully, he is proud of this accomplishment.

“Honestly, I fought three times this year with three finishes,” he said. “Three championship fights, three finishes. I had a big year, probably one of my more active years that I’ve had in a long time. And it just feels good to get my hand raised.”

Cormier had repeatedly promised that he would be done fighting by his 40th birthday on March 19th of the coming year.

UFC 235 will take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.