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Dana White: Brock Lesnar won’t be at UFC 230

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Don’t expect a Brock Lesnar appearance at UFC 230.

In Daniel Cormier’s last fight vs. Stipe Miocic, Cormier prevailed by first-round KO to become the new UFC heavyweight champion, then he and Brock Lesnar had a tense in-cage confrontation, setting the stage for a possible actual showdown in 2019.

Cormier first has to take care of business against heavy underdog Derrick Lewis at UFC 230 in Madison Square Garden, and throughout the week the double-champ has warned Lesnar not to get into the cage. Well it doesn’t look like there will be a sequel to the UFC 226 incident, as Dana White told media that the former UFC heavyweight champion won’t be in attendance.

“People keep asking me that,” said White (via MMA Mania). “No, he’s not coming here. He’s not coming to the fight.”

Lesnar was in Saudi Arabia on Friday, winning the WWE Universal Heavyweight title in very quick fashion against Braun Strowman at the pro wrestling promotion’s “Crown Jewel” event.

While there’s no exact date targeted for a potential return to the UFC for Brock, he does have the remainder of his USADA suspension to serve, which runs out January 8th, 2019. Both Cormier and Jon Jones have expressed interest in taking on one of MMA’s biggest draws.