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Fighting in the Age of Loneliness - Episode 4: As the world fell apart, the only magic was in the cage

Felix Biederman and Jon Bois, in partnership with SBNation are tackling MMA, its modern history, its current evolution, and its place in American society in this 5-part documentary. Episode four takes you through MMA’s “golden age.”

Jon Bois and Chapo Trap House’s Felix Biederman have teamed up for SB Nation’s five-part documentary on mixed martial arts. The series looks to cover the evolution of the sport and its strange place in the world, under the title “Fighting in the Age of Loneliness.”

Episode 1 focused on the roots of MMA, while episode 2 looked at the beginning of the UFC. Episode 3 chronicles the collapse of the Japanese economy, the rise of PRIDE, The Ultimate Fighter, and more.

Episode 4 examines MMA’s “golden age,” which means you will see PRIDE’s downfall, UFC 100, Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen, and more.

Here’s the description:

As Pride Fighting fought for its life in Japan, the UFC enjoyed unprecedented popularity in the wake of America’s own recession. The golden age of mixed martial arts had finally arrived, ushered in by the some of the most captivating personalities and rivalries the sport has ever seen. There was no magic out there in the world. The magic was in the fights.

Episode 5 (the last one in the series) comes out Friday, November 30th.