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MMA Squared: Farewell Mark Hunt, king of the walkoff KO

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The latest episode of MMA Squared bids farewell to Mark Hunt, set to depart the UFC after this weekend.

Hello, this is Chris and welcome to MMA Squared. Mark Hunt’s lawsuit alleging the UFC conspired to allow Brock Lesnar to fight while “juicy” at UFC 200 means this is likely the Super Samoan’s final octagon appearance.

Until then, let us appreciate his legacy: the walkoff knockout. It all started with his career resurgent KO of Chris Tuchscherer. A sly smile followed by a salute to the crowd set the standard for his casual theatrics.

Walkoff rating: 9/10 Nobody saw this one coming but Hunt.

The “Rally for Mark Hunt” grassroots movement was solidified just two fights later when Hunt broke the jaw of Stefan “Skyscraper” Struve and walked off before the big man’s feet even hit the ground.

Walkoff rating: 8/10 referee bungled the KO by requesting that Hunt resume demolishing the Skyscraper.

In what is likely Hunt’s finest technical performance, he dramatically stopped Roy Nelson in Japan. Hunt outclassed Big Country on the feet for one and a half rounds before faceplanting the granite-chinned heavyweight with a single uppercut.

Walkoff rating: 7/10 Hunt lingered in exaltation of his handiwork and was then bumped by the ref, falling to a knee. A beautiful KO undone by circumstance.

Against Frank Mir, Hunt achieved Walkoff KO perfection. At the three minute mark of round one he put a straight right to the side of Mir’s head, sending the veteran to the floor in a daze. Walking away Hunt shrugs, palms outstretched, with an expression that seems to ask “what more can I do?”

Walkoff rating: 10/10 Hunt has left the cage in spirit while Mark Goddard is still convincing Mir the fight is over

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