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Fighting in the Age of Loneliness - Episode 2: The unwashed masses clamor for weird men brutalizing each other

Felix Biederman and Jon Bois, in partnership with SBNation are tackling MMA, its modern history, its current evolution, and its place in American society in this 5-part documentary. This second episode focuses on the birth of the UFC and its transition to the Zuffa era.

In partnership with SBNation, Felix Biederman – of Chapo Trap House fame – has written and narrated a five part documentary on mixed martial arts. The series looks to cover the evolution of the sport and its strange place in the world.

The second episode looks at the cultural climate that produced the first ever UFC event, as well as the changing attitudes on MMA over the course of the 90s. All of which culminated in the UFC’s purchase by the Fertitta brothers, along with Dana White, and the beginning of the Zuffa era of MMA.

Check it out, and stay tuned for the next three episodes, coming out this week. And don’t forget to watch episode 1 right here, in case you missed it.