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Wonder Twins Power Podcast 05: Liddell-Ortiz 3 post-fight analysis, Nick Lembo interview

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The Twins are discussing the aftermath of Liddell-Ortiz 3 and have an exclusive interview with New Jersey Athletic Control Board’s Nick Lembo.

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Welcome to the latest episode of the Wonder Twins Power Podcast with Iain Kidd and Stephie Haynes. This show is an offshoot of the Three Amigos Podcast that allows us to delve a little deeper into current MMA issues that warrant closer inspection and conversation.

Today’s show revolves around the aftermath of Liddell vs. Ortiz 3, and our special guest, New Jersey State Athletic Control Board counsel, Nicholas Lembo.

The first half of the show was recorded immediately after Goldenboy’s first foray into MMA, with discussion on how the California Athletic Commission conducts pre-fight medicals, how Chuck Liddell managed to get licensed, Tito Ortiz’s post-fight antics and how the show’s fight purses didn’t come close to the UFC’s, despite Oscar De La Hoya claiming the athletes on the card were making much more money with his promotion.

The second half of the episode is an exclusive interview with Nick Lembo of the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board, discussing the chaos around the changes to the unified rules, or “dis” unified rules, since so many state commissions have adopted different criteria in their rulesets.

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