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Liddell vs. Ortiz 3 video highlights: Tito Ortiz knocks out Chuck Liddell in round 1

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Tito Ortiz prevailed in his trilogy bout with longtime rival Chuck Liddell. Here’s video of the finish.

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

In a surprise to very few people, Tito Ortiz was finally able to defeat his arch-rival, fellow former UFC champion Chuck Liddell. The inaugural Golden Boy MMA main event saw Liddell look utterly terrible for almost the entirety of the four minutes and twenty-four seconds that the fight lasted, and Ortiz was able to hurt Liddell with a combination of punches against the fence for the first-round KO. Liddell still hasn’t won a fight since 2007, and his first MMA appearance since 2010 ended in his fourth straight KO defeat. The third time proved to be the charm for “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy.”

Watch the video of the KO here:

Here’s Tim Burke’s play-by-play of the fight:

Round 1 - Long feeling-out process. Inside leg kick from Tito. Liddell with a pawing left. Liddell circling. Tito with an overhand right. Inside leg kick. Ortiz with a left. Liddell looks awkward. Tito taps him with a jab. Ortiz misses with a head kick. Liddell misses with the overhand right and falls down. Tito catches him with a shot as he comes up. Jab from Tito. Chuck’s really having trouble getting his footing. Inside leg kick from Liddell. Ortiz slips as well. Ortiz mocks Chuck and points at his own chin, inviting him in. Chuck misses with the right. Ortiz drops Liddell with a right and lands one more shot and Chuck is dusted. It’s over.

Tito Ortiz defeated Chuck Liddell via KO (punches), round 1