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Golden Boy MMA: Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz 3 betting odds

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Check out the betting odds for Golden Boy MMA’s inaugural event where Tito Ortiz is heavily favored over Chuck Liddell in their main event trilogy match.

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Well, the time has come for MMA legends Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz to go at it for a third time tonight in the headliner of Golden Boy MMA’s inaugural event, kicking off from The Forum in Inglewood, California. Ortiz is your betting favorite, opening up with a moneyline of -200 before widening out to around -315. As for Liddell, he opened up with an underdog tag of +160, and has drifted out to about the +245 mark.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit the betting odds from Chuck and Tito’s first-two matchups. Back at UFC 47 in April of 2004, Ortiz was the betting favorite with a moneyline of -185, and Liddell clocked in as a +145 underdog. Liddell won that one by second round knockout. Moving on to their second clash at UFC 66 back in December of 2006, Liddell was a strong -220 favorite over the +180 underdog in Ortiz. Liddell won that one as well, but by a third-round TKO in what became his final successful title defense as the UFC light heavyweight champion.

As far as prop bets, Ortiz wins inside distance sports a favored line of -160 with Liddell wins inside the distance rocking an underdog mark of +300. The betting odds do not have this matchup lasting very long, as Under 1½ rounds is favored at -145 with Over 1½ rounds has a plus tag of +125. Fight doesn’t go to decision sits at a massively favored mark of -475 with Fight goes to decision weighing in at a hefty underdog line of +325.

Fun facts:

  • Since their last fight, Liddell has gone 1-5 and Ortiz has gone 4-7-1, for a combined record of 5-12-1
  • Liddell’s last fight was at UFC 115 in June of 2010
  • Liddell’s last win was over Wanderlei Silva nearly eleven years ago at UFC 79 - Nemesis in December of 2007
  • Chuck Liddell is 48 and Tito Ortiz is 43, giving us a combined 91 years of age competing inside of the cage tonight
  • This is the MMA gods punishing us for ‘The Brawl’

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