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UFC Beijing results: Alistair Overeem pounds out Sergei Pavlovich in round one

Alistair Overeem showed he’s not done yet, by beating up a dangerous heavyweight newcomer at UFC Beijing.

UFC 209: Overeem v Hunt Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Alistair Overeem returned to winning ways in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night: Ngannou vs. Blaydes 2.

The Demolition Man dispatched of the former Fight Nights Global heavyweight champ Sergei Pavlovich in less than five minutes.

Heavyweight: Alistair Overeem Sergei Pavlovich via TKO (punches), round one (4:21).

Sergei Pavlovich scored first with a big right hand over the top that cracked Alistair Overeem on the side of the head. Another punch sent the veteran Dutchman backpedaling to the fence. Overeem responded by initiating a clinch against the cage. He landed a hard knee there and tried to take Pavlovich down, but the Russian stayed standing. Overeem landed a few more punches and knees in the clinch before Pavovlich was able to spin away and bring the action back to the centre of the cage. At range, Overeem landed a hard leg kick and Pavovlich responded with another heavy punch. Overeem was then able to trip Pavovlich, sending him to the canvas. Overeem then got down into the Russian’s full guard and attempted to land ground and pound. After at first struggling to get through Pavlovich’s defenses, Overeem landed a hard hammerfist over the top that stunned his opponent. Overeem then went for the kill, thudding punches and more hammerfists which forced Pavlovich to cover up. The referee saved the UFC newcomer with less than a minute left in the round.