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UFC 230’s Derrick Lewis: Daniel Cormier is fighting me because he’s scared to face Jon Jones

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Derrick Lewis has his thoughts on why Daniel Cormier opted to fight him.

After barely a month since UFC 229, Derrick Lewis is once again called on to step up to the plate and fight. This time around, it would be the biggest test of his career, as he faces Daniel Cormier for the UFC heavyweight title.

The sudden booking of the fight came as a surprise to many. But for “The Black Beast”, Cormier may have gone for this booking to avoid a third fight with Jon Jones.

“The reason I think he took the fight with me is because Jon Jones was already fighting,” Lewis said on Wednesday’s UFC 230 open workouts (transcript via MMA Fighting). “He didn’t want to wait until January and hear all the media talk about, ‘Why is Cormier not fighting for the 205 belt?’

“They’re already saying he’s basically scared to fight Jones right now, anyway. He feels like it would be perfect to fight a guy like me that don’t have as much skills on short notice before the Jones fight and he thinks it’s going to be an easy fight for him.”

“Yeah, I think he’s scared to fight Jones,” he added. “The guy beat him twice.”

Cormier did say that defending the light heavyweight title would be his next move if he does end up on the losing end against Lewis on Saturday. He also claimed that Lewis’ comments were “bullsh-t,” and that he was never offered a Jones trilogy.

UFC 230 takes place at Madison Square Garden in New York City.