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Daniel Cormier warns Brock Lesnar again: ‘Stay out of the Octagon’ at UFC 230

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Daniel Cormier has some strong words for Brock Lesnar ahead of UFC 230 in New York.

Daniel Cormier is being as candid as humanly possible ahead of UFC 230 in Madison Square Garden and I am 100 percent here for it.

In his latest scrum during the pre-fight workouts, Cormier covers — well, everything. He talks about the excitement of him and his team stepping onto the New York Knicks logo at MSG. He sneaks in his love of the NBA’s Houston Rockets, and the Golden State Warriors. He sings the praise of Ed Orgeron and the LSU football team. He talks about how he intends to spend his Sunday — by watching the New Orleans Saints beat the undefeated Los Angeles Rams.

Best of all, he’s not cooking up some fake bloodfeud with Derrick Lewis the way the UFC typically likes it. He spends a good amount of time talking about the difficulty of “black youth” and highlights to the media how smart Lewis really is. He talks about his preparation, and along the way, he talks about an actual “bloodfeud.”

“Stay out of the Octagon.”

Not the first time he’s issued such a warning.

Those are Cormier’s words to Brock Lesnar. The UFC would obviously love to see Lesnar fight the winner. Love him or hate him, Lesnar commands a presence all his own. Before anything else, Cormier still has to worry about Lewis. The two will face off this November 3, at Madison Square Garden in New York, marking Cormier’s first official heavyweight title defense.