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Video: Watch Yair Rodriguez’s buzzer beating elbow KO over Korean Zombie from UFC Denver

Check out video highlights of the fight between Korean Zombie and Yair Rodriguez in the main event of UFC Denver.

In the main event of UFC Denver, Yair Rodriguez produced one of the most jaw-dropping last gasp knockouts in UFC history, as he knocked out Korean Zombie in the final second of round five with a reverse upward elbow. Both fighters put on a epic display, fighting a very tough five rounds before Rodriguez landed the final blow in the fifth round.

Check out Mookie Alexander’s play-by-play of Yair Rodriguez’s crazy knockout over Korean Zombie.

Round 5 - They hug it out to start the final round. Jung charging ahead and throwing a combination but not much gets through. A right hand does connect, as does a jab. Beautiful counter right by Jung! Spinning elbow by Rodriguez again, and then he takes another right! 1-2 jars Rodriguez once more, as he throws a spinning back kick. Rodriguez runs right into a jab. Two short leg kicks by Rodriguez. Stinging jab by Jung. Three minutes to go. Rodriguez shoots for a takedown and can’t complete it, then Jung clobbers him with a left.Hard right hand by Rodriguez! They high-five with 2:30 to go, and stare into the crowd. Left hook by Rodriguez. Same punch lands for Jung. Head kick by Rodriguez and then Jung answers with a brutal left hand again! TKZ blocks a Rodriguez head kick. Jung ducks a spinning backfist and dodges a standing hammerfist. He misses on a left hook. One minute remains! Rodriguez throws several leg kicks and then eats a few punches, evades a few more. Ten seconds left! OH MY GOD RODRIGUEZ KNOCKS OUT KOREAN ZOMBIE WITH AN ELBOW! UNBELIEVABLE! UNBELIEVABLE! THERE WAS ONE SECOND LEFT! AN UPWARD ELBOW! I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT JUST HAPPENED!