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Derrick Lewis has a typical Derrick Lewis answer to what he eats for a pre-fight meal

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The ‘Black Beast’ turned his open workout into an impromptu Q&A, and offered up some fascinating insight on what it takes to be a pro fighter in the UFC.

UFC heavyweight champion Derrick Lewis. The title practically rolls off the tongue.

And it’s the moniker that Lewis is gunning for come Saturday night, when he faces off with light heavyweight/heavyweight ‘double champ’ Daniel Cormier.

Lewis’ title aspirations follow an improbable winning streak over his UFC career. Co-owner (alongside Cain Velasquez) of the heavyweight record for most KO’s at 10, the ‘Black Beast’ is 12-3 since joining the promotion in 2014. Currently he’s riding a 3-fight win streak, with KO’s over Marcin Tybura and Alexander Volkov sandwiching a decision over Francis Ngannou.

So what got Lewis here? What does it take to become one of the best heavyweight’s fighting in the world today? What goes into becoming a potential champion?

Dedication, dedication, dedication.

UFC 230 takes place on November 3rd at the Madison Square Garden arena in New York, NY. There Lewis will take on Daniel Cormier for the UFC heavyweight champion in the main event. If he can pick up the improbable win, no doubt it will be because of the solid foundation his careful preparation has provided him.