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MMA Squared: The MMA Gods will unleash Derrick ‘Hellboy’ Lewis all over MSG

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It’s time for a PPV at Madison Square Garden, so this means something amazing right? Like Conor’s champ champ night, or the return of GSP. Let’s see, we got... Derrick Lewis title fight?

Hello, this is Chris and welcome to MMA Squared. There are some bold (foolhardy?) booking choices at UFC 230 and the MMA Gods have awoken from a long slumber. The seeds of chaos have been sown, this is what’s at stake on Saturday in New York City.

First: Israel Adesanya, the Pissmaster General squares off against fighter-gone-rogue, Derek Brunson. It seems a match tailor made for The Last Stylebender to catapult into the upper echelon of the middleweight division. The Gods have stirred and I am wary.

Adesanya is one of the most complete prospects in terms of combined marketing and fighting ability.

Next, Chris Weidman has stumbled out of the mist (h/t @EugeneSRobinson) into a co-main event fight with Jacare Souza, a man the UFC has never been inclined to promote. Now we have the Gods’ attention. Worry indeed, we must.

“Join the team” was their battlecry.

Finally, the blasphemy: an injured Daniel Cormier must defend his title BEFORE his final money fight with Brock Lesnar. Now we have angered the Gods. Now we beg for chaos.

I tried to draw his left hand holding his right forearm and it looks all sorts of almost right. No ctrl-Z for this artist. Strictly IRL.

The MMA Gods gather round their eight sided cauldron and it boils. These mortals desire and 85% cut while serving up questionable PPV’s? Their money be damned!

Bubble bubble, toil and trouble, the MMA Gods turn your profits to rubble.

They summon a beast to wreak havoc on the best laid plans of CEOs and focus groups. His right hand is mighty! His ground game is questionable! And his BALLS. ARE. HOT.

The Black Beast cares not for your gameplan or cardio. He only need know “where DC’s fine belt at?”

Seriously, they made Lewis look all demon-ish in the poster. This was inevitable.

Hey all, Chris (@RiniMMA) here. MMA Squared is sponsored by Combat Wombat, an expression of marsupial violence known... somewhere. Visit for more artwork. Take care of yourself and I’ll talk to you next week.