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Jose Aldo calls for rematch with Conor McGregor after UFC 229

Jose Aldo says it’s time for that long overdue rematch with Conor McGregor.

Shortly after losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229, Conor McGregor expressed his desire for a rematch. If a fellow former champion would get his wish, the Irishman would receive a different rematch next instead.

Jose Aldo took to social media to call for a sequel to their 2015 bout.

The Portuguese caption on Aldo’s Instagram post reads “There’s nowhere to run! It’s time!”

Their original bout ended with the iconic 13-second one-punch knockout that launched McGregor’s career further into superstardom. While many champions received rematches after defeats — including McGregor when he lost to Diaz — Aldo didn’t, despite his long reign and winning of 10 straight title fights.

McGregor went on to bigger (literally) and better things at lightweight, which saw him win two belts in as many divisions. With his recent loss to Khabib though, it still leaves him with quite a bit of lucrative options.

There’s Diaz and Poirier, who are facing off next, or maybe even a super-fight with Georges St-Pierre. There’s also this Aldo rematch, which admittedly, would be more interesting at lightweight, where the Brazilian has repeatedly expressed his interest in moving to.

Aldo, 32, is coming off an impressive TKO over Jeremy Stephens last July.