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UFC 229 video: Massive brawl erupts after Khabib jumps cage to fight McGregor’s teammates

Watch the unfortunate brawl after the UFC 229 main event.

Khabib Nurmagomedov put in a star making performance at UFC 229 as he completely dominated Conor McGregor on the ground and performed well on the feet too. Unfortunately, the unfortunate events and decisions he made after will overshadow such a terrific performance.

Khabib wasn’t joking when he said he took the bus attack and all the build up seriously. The lightweight champion immediately jumped the cage after his win, and seemed to charge at McGregor’s teammates, including Dillon Danis. This started a massive brawl, with McGregor also throwing punches and trading blows with three of Khabib’s teammates.

Watch the clips below.

There will be massive repercussions to this brawl, with Dana White claiming that multiple arrests have already been made after the incident.

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