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UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor video - Ferguson wins bloody slugfest with Pettis in co-main event

Watch highlights from UFC 229 co-main event.

MMA: UFC 229-Ferguson vs Pettis Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

In a pivotal lightweight bout, Tony Ferguson and Anthony Pettis fought at the UFC 229 co-main event. The former lightweight champ in Pettis came in as the huge underdog, and he certainly brought it. He knocked down and hurt Ferguson on multiple occasions, and went back and forth. In the end though, he broke his hand and Duke Roufus decided to protect his fighter.

Check below for highlights, along with a snippet from our play-by-play.

Round 2 - Pettis showing some damage on his face already. Ferguson immediately comes forward. Pettis lands a huge shot and drops Ferguson! He pops up and spins and Pettis hurt him again! Ferguson is bleeding a lot! Pettis jumps on top and is working away. Tony is wearing the actual crimson mask. Pettis might be cut as well. He is. Hes leaking blood. Ferguson back to his feet. They’re gonna check the cut on Pettis. It’s in the hairline. There’s a ton of blood, but he’s good to go. Pettis is protesting because he thinks Ferguson is still hurt, but the ref demands a cloth to wipe off their faces. Pettis just misses with a capoeira kick on the restart. Ferguson misses with a knee. Ferguson goes to the body. He’s still pressuring. Pettis wit ha right over the top. Big shots from Ferguson. Elbow. Hard jab from Pettis. Another elbow from Ferguson. Body shot. Hard straight right. He’s all over Pettis now. Pettis is eating big shots but he’s firing back! THEY’RE BRAWLING! SO MUCH BLOOD! Ferguson styling now, lands a hard elbow. Pettis catches a knee and lands a huge right hook. Now a left! This is awesome. Ferguson with a hard right hook. Body work. Pettis is a mess but he’s giving as much as he’s getting. More elbows from El Cucuy. Ferguson putting together a ton of strikes Pettis cartwheels right in the middle of it! WOW! Ferguson lands a few more shots. That might be the round of the year. 10-9 Pettis.

Pettis has a broken hand. He tells his corner, and Duke Roufus tells him he can’t send him back out there without that weapon. Pettis is non-committal. The fight gets stopped. Crazy.

Tony Ferguson defeats Anthony Pettis via TKO (corner stoppage), 5:00 of round 2