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UFC 229: Khabib vs. McGregor prelims live results, discussion, play by play

Live, blow-by-blow updates for today’s UFC 229 preliminary card from Vegas, which features a flyweight top contender fight in the featured bout.

Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring, and play-by-play as UFC 229 goes down in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

The main event will see UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov taking on the most polarizing fighter in MMA, former two-division champion Conor McGregor. One of the biggest events in UFC history will be co-headlined by another top lightweight scrap between former interim champ Tony Ferguson and former WEC and UFC champion Anthony Pettis.

The prelims featured fight will see Sergio Pettis taking on Jussier Formiga in what is likely to be for a flyweight title shot.

This post will cover the preliminary card.

The show kicks off on Fight Pass at approximately 6:30pm ET with three fights. The card then moves to FS1 at 8pm ET for four more bouts, then onto the main PPV card. The full lineup and schedule follows. The main card and headliner will be covered in separate posts.

Check out this week’s MMA Vivisection for predictions, analysis and betting odds on the each matchup.

Sergio Pettis vs. Jussier Formiga

Round 1 - They trade jab attempts. Now they both land the jab. Formiga scores with a right. Inside leg kick from Pettis. Side kick as well. Combo from Formiga. Body kick from Pettis. TKD hook kick from Pettis. Pettis sticks a jab and lands a leg kick. Lead right hook from Pettis lands glancingly. Pettis kicks low, Formiga scores with a counter right over the top. Pettis is jabbing. Formiga gets in on a single and nearly got a takedown, but Pettis rolls through and gets back up. Now Formiga gets a legit takedown and works in full guard. He’s methodically working to pass but Pettis is defending well. 10-9 Formiga.

Round 2 - Leg kick from Pettis. Lots of feinting. Formiga with an uppercut. Pettis trying to jab but he’s out of range. Formiga with an inside leg kick. Formiga dives in on a takedown attempt but Pettis stands him up. Pettis with a lead left hook. Jump kick to the belly lands for Pettis. PEttis with a jab, Formiga with a counter left. The crowd s booing a bit. Pettis with a jab and a left. Formiga scoops a single, then clinches to get a bodylock takedown. Crafty. He’s working in Pettis’ full guard. He’s trying to stack, then stand up to pass the legs. He didn’t get anywhere though so he jumped back into full guard. Pettis with a brief body triangle from the bottom. Formiga slips into half. Pettis gets back to full guard. They scramble to the feet right at the end of the round. 10-9 Formiga.

Round 3 - Jab from Pettis. Formiga with his own. Uppercut from Pettis. Formiga tries to lead with his own but doesn’t connect. Pettis with a jab but Formiga scoops that single again. Pettis tries to spin away but Formiga takes his back. Pettis is standing and Formiga is the human backpack. Pettis doesn’t seem sure what to do. He’s just leaning Formiga against the cage. Herb Dean is asking for work. Formiga lands a few rabbit punches. Pettis trying to punch over his shoulder. Formiga slips his arm under the chin, or is trying to. Pettis is holding onto his other arm for deal life. Formiga goes back to punching. Deans asks for work again. 1:20 to go. Formiga changes grips and is still fighting for the choke. Now more punches. Pettis is elbowing the leg that’s holding the body triangle now. Formiga is much lower now. Pettis walks him to the center. But it’s too late to do anything. Pettis just looks extremely frustrated as the horn goes. 10-8 and 30-26 Formiga.

Jussier Formiga defeated Sergio Pettis via unanimous decision (30-26, 29-28, 29-28)

Vicente Luque vs. Jalin Turner

Round 1 - Outside leg kick from Luque. Turner with a very fast jab. Counter jab from Turner. Another kick from Luque. Turner clips Luque with a lead right. They exchange in the middle. Luque wades in with a hard right. Luque with a counter combo. Hard lead left. Front kick from Turner. Inside leg kick from Luque. They trade kicks. Luque with a counter hook. Jab from Luque, and another. Counter left hook from Luque. Jump knee from Turner. Outside leg kick from Luque. He scores with a right hook. Spinning elbow from Turner but Luque catches him with a shot as his back was turned. He drops him and pounds him out with lefts quick! That was rough.

Vicente Luque defeated Jalin Turner via KO (punches), 3:52 of round 1

Aspen Ladd vs. Tonya Evinger

Round 1 - Evinger with an inside leg kick and they get to brawling right away. Evinger is getting the best of it. She clinches and moves Ladd to the fence. Knee to the body. Ladd trying to get free but she can’t. She finally reversed Evinger, and ends up on top in a strange scramble. Ladd unloads with a bunch of rights to Evinger, who is on her knees and covering up. Ladd tries to roll to take the back. She can’t get it though. After four attempts, she finally gets hooks, then rolls to mount. Back mount and flattened out. Elbows and a huge flurry of punches. She’s screaming as she lands these shots. The ref finally steps in after Ladd lands a couple dozen unanswered shots.

Aspen Ladd defeated Tonya Evinger via TKO (strikes), 3:26 of round 1

Scott Holtzman vs. Alan Patrick

Round 1 - Inside leg kick from Holtzman. Big left scores too! Spinning back kick from Patrick lands to the arms. Nice quick left from Patrick. High body kick from Holtzman. Patrick with a left and he can’t get a takedown. The next left lands too. Patrick with another lead left. He rips a leg kick. Holtzman misses with a huge left. Inside leg kick from Holtzman. Body kick from Patrick. Big head kick from Holtzman. Patrick didn’t even flinch. Inside leg kick from Holtzman knocks Patrick off balance. Holtzman with a very nice counter right hook. Two more rights land. They clinch. They brawl out of it quickly. Another inside leg kick knocks Patrick to the floor and Holzman jumps on him. He lands some elbows in half. Patrick pushes of but can’t get up. Holtzman with a left. Big upkick from Patrick at the horn. 10-9 Holtzman.

Round 2 - Holtzman with a head kick. Jump knee from Patrick. A beauty counter right from Holtzman staggers Patrick a bit. Patrick shoots and gets Holtzman to his butt, but he’s up immediately. Two more inside leg kicks from Holtzman. Lead left from Patrick. Holtzman with another counter right. He looks for a takedown against the cage, and he gets it. Big rights, and now lefts. Patrick attacks a leg! Holtzman punches him in the butt and escapes. He’s back in Patrick’s guard, dropping punches. They scramble and separate with 1:40 to go. Holtzman misses with a home run left. Patrick lands a right of his own and Holtzman clinches. They stall out, and separate with 25 seconds to go. Patrick lands a kick and looks for a takedown. He can’t get it though. 10-9 Holtzman.

Round 3 - Patrick attacks with kicks. Nothing lands though. Low kick from Holtzman. Huge counter right from Holtzman. Another right. Patrick lands two lefts over the top. Holtzman lands a huge counter again though. Another drops Patrick this time! He’s landing huge GnP but Patrick is surviving! Holtzman deftly steps into mount and slows down. Huge elbows. Patrick hip escapes and looks for an armbar. Holtzman swats that away and mounts again. Three hard short elbows and it’s over. Wow, that was some powerful stuff.

Scott Holtzman defeated Alan Patrick via TKO (eblows), 3:42 of round 3

Lina Lansberg vs. Yana Kunitskaya

Round 1 - They clinch up quickly. Nice throw takedown by Kunitskaya. Can opener. Didn’t get Lansberg to open her guard. Lansberg trying to power her way up. Kunitskaya tries to take her back. Didn’t work, Lansberg gets to her feet. They’re still in the clinch though. Lansberg reverses position. Kunitskaya lands another beautiful throw. She’s working from side, trying to trap an arm. She lands a few elbows before the horn. 10-9 Kunitskaya.

Round 2 - Body kick from Kunitskaya. Front kick. She lands a right as well. They trade body kicks. Kunitskaya clinches and lands some knees to the body. More knees. Lansberg with some light knees in return. The ref separates them with three minutes to go despite some decent action. Lanberg with a left jab. Kunitskaya sticks a jab but eats a right hand counter. Body shot from Landsberg. Kunitskaya clinches again. Knees. The crowd is getting restless at the lack of action. Lansberg with a side headlock, looking for a choke. She didn’t have position though. Lansberg is down to a seated position, but she steps overe. She tries to take the back but Kunitskaya backed out. 10-9 Kunitskaya.

Round 3 - Kunitskaya with a couple of jabs. They trade punches in the middle. Quick left from Kunitskaya. Lansberg with a right over the top. Kunitskaya clinches yet again. She scoops a single and puts Lansberg on the mat. She’s on one knee, eating punches. Lansberg gets back to her feet and gets separation with elbows. Halfway through the round. Lansberg pressures but gets pushed against the fence yet again. Knees. They separate for about two seconds, then go right back to the cage. Kunitskaya looks for the same throw she used earlier but couldn’t get it. The ref separates them with 50 seconds to go. Jab from Kunitskaya. Lansberg with a body kick. She misses with a head kick. She’s bringing pressure but Kunitskaya weathers it. Kunitskaya with a late takedown off a kick. 10-9 and 30-27 Kunitskaya.

Yana Kunitskaya defeated Lina Lansberg via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Gray Maynard vs. Nik Lentz

Round 1 - Lentz with a wide right hook and lands a leg kick. Another outside leg kick. Maynard misses with a right. He connects with the next one. Lentz stuns Maynard with a right hook. He’s holding him against the fence and landing punches. He’s trying to grapple, which seems ill-advised. Maynard is eating a bunch of punches though. Lentz tried to grab the next but Maynard spins away. Gray is cut. Lentz with two more big right hooks and a knee to the body. He’s getting lit up, but he’s fighting back. He lands hard on the counter, but Lentz takes him down. He sets up a guillotine and falls back. Maynard tries to roll over, and manages to escape. Lentz working from the top with elbows. He’s posturing up and punching. Lentz opens up with some huge shots but Gray stays alive. He’s basically just turtling though. Three knees. Hard elbow. Gray survives, but his eye is jacked up. 10-8 Lentz.

Round 2 - Immediate eye poke from Lentz. The doc checks him but he’s good to go. Maynard with a right hook. Body shot. Maynard staggers Lentz with a shot! Lentz fires right back and knocks Maynard off balance! They both chuck leather, but Lentz lands a huge head kick! Maynard down and he gets finished off by a flurry of punches.

Nik Lentz defeated Gray Maynard via TKO (head kick and punches), 1:19 of round 2

Ryan LaFlare vs. Tony Martin

Round 1 - Lots of feinting right away. LaFlare with a body kick. Inside leg kick. Another one. He’s thrown a couple of Superman punches. Cup check on Martin. Cornuts Cam confirms. Hard body kick from LaFlare on the restart. Straight right from Martin. Martin lands a low kick that trips up LaFlare briefly. They trade inside and clinch up against the cage. Nothing happens and they separate. Martin lands a right over the top. LaFlare looking to work the body. Two more body kicks from LaFlare. Inside leg kick. Quick uppercut from Martin. He tags LaFlare with another right that knocks him off balance. Reaching left from Martin. LaFlare with a nice combo inside and a body shot. LaFlare presses for a late takedown. Nothing doing. 10-9 LaFlare.

Round 2 - Slower start. LaFlare with some body kicks. Counter right from Martin drops LaFlare! He appeared to have put him out with ground and pound, but LaFlare woke up immediately and started to defend again. LaFlare is cut. Martin is working in his half guard. He looks for a kimura but LaFlare defends. LaFlare gives up his back. Martin sinks hooks. LaFlare squirms back to full guard. Martin cinches up a D’Arce choke. LaFlare looks to be surviving. LaFlare spins out to his feet. Very nice. Body kick from LaFlare. Martin lands a counter as LaFlare looks for a Superman punch. 10-9 Martin.

Round 3 - Straight right from Martin. Slapping body kick from LaFlare. LaFlare kicks Martin’s back leg out with a kick, but can’t take advantage. Jab to the body from LaFlare. HUGE head kick from Martin! LaFlare is down and Martin pounds him out. WOW!

Tony Martin defeated Ryan LaFlare via KO (head kick and punches), 1:00 of round 3

FS1 Card (8pm ET)