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UFC 229 video: Khabib Nurmagomedov refuses to wait for Conor McGregor, leaves presser early

UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is not willing to wait around for Conor McGregor.

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Throughout his rise to mainstream superstardom, Conor McGregor has frequently since shown up late in media obligations, particularly during major press conferences. He did the same thing during the scheduled UFC 229 pre-fight presser on Thursday, which his opponent Khabib Nurmagomedov showed up on time to.

The Russian did answer the slew of questions the media members in attendance threw at him, but decided not to stay long.

“I no need wait for nobody,” Khabib told reporters at the presser. “This is 3pm. Fans is here, media is here, Everybody is here. Dana a little bit late, but it’s OK.”

“Hey guys, 15 minutes I’m here. This guy didn’t come. This is big disrespect. Tomorrow, 9 am, I’m gonna show you my weight.”

As soon as he arrived, McGregor was predictably greeted by cheers from the Irish fans in the stands. He also went on to defend his late arrival, and even found a way to turn things around in his favor.

“I’m only a couple of minutes late, for f—k’s sake,” McGregor said. “That mad backwards c-nt, he should’ve just stayed put. But whatever. That’s a sign. He doesn’t want to be around me. He doesn’t want to be around these people. He is petrified.”

“He said nothing in New York, and I guarantee he was saying sh-t while I wasn’t here.”

Khabib and McGregor will finally get to fight each other on Saturday, October 6th in Las Vegas.