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Brendan Schaub offers to pay for Ray Borg’s son’s medical expenses

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Retired UFC heavyweight fighter Brendan Schaub offered to shoulder the expenses of Ray Borg’s son.

As a father, life has not been easy for UFC flyweight contender Ray Borg. After having his son endure two brain surgeries in April, he was once again forced to subject the six-month-old Anthony to another procedure on Wednesday last week.

To ease the burden on expenses a little bit, Borg decided to print out t-shirts which will go on sale. This caught the attention of retired UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub, who immediately offered to shoulder the medical bills.

“I saw someone post a shirt that Ray Borg posted on Twitter. He goes ‘all these proceeds from this shirt go to help me pay for my child’s medical bill,’” Schaub said on a recent guesting on the JRE MMA Show. “So I click on it, and I see his son on the respirator. Broke my heart, man.”

“So I DM’d him – and Ray, I’m sure a bunch of people hit you up, man. I will pay for your medical bills, Ray. I will cover it, man.”

Schaub could not help himself but get a little emotional as he talked about Borg’s son, being a father to a two-year-old boy himself.

“When I say ‘I’ll help you, Ray, I’m dead serious, man. I’m not one of these guys – I don’t need the publicity; I don’t need any of that. I DM’d you my number, I will cover the medical bills, man. I got you, brother.’”

Anthony Borg, born last March 27th, was diagnosed with hydrocephalus a few weeks after. Prior to last week’s procedure, he went through a third operation on August 31st when complications arose from the first two surgeries.