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MMA Squared ep 35: Artist rendering of potential Conor McGregor vs. Khabib outcomes

UFC 229’s main event is nearly impossible to predict. When was the last time both fighters carried an equal air of dominance? Who knows, but let’s speculate about the outcome.

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Hello, this is Chris. Welcome to another MMA Squared where today we assume that the most anticipated fight of the year is still happening, and theorize about its various outcomes.

side note: Fight of the Year, Beatdown of the Year, and Arrest of the Year will happen between Conor / Khabib fans this Saturday night.

1st potential outcome: KO via DAT LEFT. Conor gets into Khabib’s head and provokes a mental gaffe which provides the opening. Psychological warfare is real. It made Eddie Alvarez forget to wrestle, and Khabib ain’t named Diazamedov.

2nd potential outcome: Khabib Smesh. A casual fan recently told me he looked up Nurmagomedov and his findings about Dagestanis: these guys didn’t grow up with TV... It’s possible that Khabib’s epicenter-of-violence-to-riches story dominates the guy used to be a plumber.

3rd potential outcome: Conor wins and puts the screws to the UFC and Endeavor like never before. While his perpetual branding machine whirrs out swill and twill, don’t think an ownership stake is completely off the table.

4th potential outcome: KHABIB SMESH... seriously, Khabib only brutalizes his opponents. Getting tired & choked out by Nate is one thing, but if Khabib has his way with the Irishman what will that do for the McGregor’s career, legion of fans, and burgeoning brand?

We are bound to see something compelling, because the unstoppable ego is about the meet the immovable object.

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I’m drawing this “Triumph and Tragedy of Jon Jones” all this month on twitter @RiniMMA. Check it out. Take care of yourself and I’ll talk to you next week.

It’s gonna be real artsy stuff sometimes.