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UFC vet Bubba McDaniel allegedly made ‘terroristic threats’ against man he believes killed his son

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Bubba McDaniel allegedly offered $10,000 for information about the location of the man he believes killed his son.

UFC’s Jon Jones Open Workout Photo by Steve Snowden/Getty Images

According to News Channel 6, UFC, TUF, and Bellator veteran Bubba McDaniel was arrested over this past weekend and charged with making terroristic threats. The threats were made against a man McDaniel believes is responsible for the death of his two-year-old son, who passed away in Wichita Falls, TX on October 11th.

The alleged threats from McDaniel were made on his personal Facebook page on Friday evening. In those messages, McDaniel reportedly stated that he wanted to put a bullet in the head of the man he believed was responsible for his son’s death (per Texomas). McDaniel allegedly named the man, threatened him with a knife, and offered $10,000 to anyone who could reveal his location.

It is reported that McDaniel was apprehended at his home by police shortly after posting the videos. On the scene, McDaniel allegedly repeated to police that he wished to kill the man he had identified. It has been reported that McDaniel had a firearm on his hip and was searching for ammunition when he was arrested.

After his release on bail, McDaniel spoke to the Slip n Dip Podcast. On that show he revealed that he was working in San Antonio when he received a call from a police detective in Wichita Falls. The detective told McDaniel that he needed to speak with him, in person, about an urgent matter.

After McDaniel told the police officer that it would take him some time to return to Wichita Falls, the detective revealed that the urgent matter involved McDaniel’s son. McDaniel said that he began panicking and demanded to know what had happened. After the detective refused to go into further details, McDaniel said he asked whether his son had died. At that point the detective revealed that was the case.

McDaniel said he heard this news while on speaker phone in a truck full of colleagues. The fighter explained that he “freaked out” at the news and that his travel back to Wichita Falls was both a painful and exhausting ordeal.

On the Slip N Dip Podcast McDaniel revealed that as the days wore on he learned more about the circumstances surrounding his son’s death. McDaniel stated that his son had died at a home belonging to a man who was in a relationship with his son’s mother.

During the emotional podcast appearance McDaniel said that his son was “found on the floor.” McDaniel also stated, repeatedly, that the man who owned the home where his son was found was responsible.

“I was told the man that she was with killed my son,” McDaniel said. “I can’t go into details on a lot of things on that because of the investigation, but I was told that my son was murdered.”

McDaniel also alleged that there is video evidence of his son’s mother’s now-ex-partner “terrorizing” his son, behind the mother’s back. McDaniel admitted that, after learning this information, he made threats against the man.

“The other night, I said some things. I told everybody I wanted to kill him. I feel like I need to kill this man for my son or I’m not a man ... I told the cops, I’m not searching for him, but if I see him I’ll kill him.”

Texomas reported that the investigation into McDaniel’s son was still ongoing. The home where McDaniel’s son died was searched by Wichita Falls police a week ago. The man identified by McDaniel has not been arrested or charged in connection with the death of McDaniel’s son.

A gofundme page was set up on behalf of Bubba McDaniel to cover the expenses of his son’s funeral. During his podcast appearance McDaniel stated that UFC President Dana White shared the post on Instagram and that this led to an overwhelming amount of donations. The page has currently raised over $29,000 towards a goal of $35,000.