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Mobster Whitey Bulger, who allegedly ran UFC’s Dana White out of Boston, dies in prison

Notorious crime boss Whitey Bulger was found dead at a West Virginia prison on Tuesday. His former gang has a bizarre connection to the UFC and its current president, Dana White.

Reputed Mobster Whitey Bulger’s Brother To Testify Photo by FBI/Getty Images

James “Whitey” Bulger was found dead in a federal prison Tuesday, NBC News reported. He was 89.

The Boston Globe reported that he was killed, but Bulger’s cause of death has not yet been confirmed by authorities.

The Boston organized crime boss was recently transported to high-security penitentiary USP Hazelton in West Virginia from a prison in Florida, where he spent the majority of his sentence.

Following a 2011 arrest, Bulger was given two life sentences in 2013 on 31 counts of racketeering and firearms possession, including 11 murders of which Bulger was convicted. One of America’s most-wanted fugitives at the time, he had been on the run for 16 years.

Bulger was a leader of the Boston-based Winter Hill Gang.

Without Bulger, despite his criminal past, the UFC as we know it today might not exist.

Dana White, who at the time had little to no connection to MMA, left Boston in 1995. White, currently the UFC president, says he was threatened by Kevin Weeks, Bulger’s right-hand man at the time, while teaching a boxing class at a Boston gym. Weeks argued that White owed him more than $2,000. Thus, White fled the city for Las Vegas, where he grew up.

“I didn’t pay him,” White told FS1’s The Herd in 2015. “This went on for a while, and one day, I was at my place and I got a call and they said, ‘You owe us the money tomorrow by 1 p.m. I literally hung up the phone, picked up the phone and called Delta and bought a ticket to Vegas.”

White reconnected with childhood friends Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta after returning to Las Vegas.

Six years later, well ... you know the rest of the story.