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UFC 229 video: Khabib to Irish fans - McGregor’s grandfather was in the English navy, ‘and he killed your people’

Khabib Nurmagomedov couldn’t help but get the Irish fans a little worked up at the UFC 229 open workouts today.

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Going into the promotion for UFC 229, it was expected that Conor McGregor would have a lot to say. After all, he’s built his career on talking trash and then (mostly) backing it up in the cage. His opponent, UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, is generally more reserved when it comes to the schtick.

But he has never been shy about taking shots at McGregor in particular, and today at the UFC 229 open workouts, that extended to Conor’s friends and countrymen.

After doing a quick workout where he was booed and harassed by McGregor fans, many of which were Irish, Khabib grabbed a mic and took some shots of his own. He made multiple references to the Gaelic language that isn’t used much anymore along with Ireland’s ties to England, and even talked about Conor’s grandfather (video via Ariel Helwani of ESPN):

“In three days, you’re gonna like me. You’re gonna like me in three days. I have question for Ireland. What about your language? What about Irish language? Where is your language right now? What’s wrong with your language?

“You guys change it? What about your language? Please someone can give me answer? You guys with England right now?

“This guy talks (about) them fighting against English but his grandfather, Christopher McGregor was with the English navy. And he killed your people. And now you guys support him. I’m gonna change this Saturday night.”

He then thanked his own supporters for showing up.

UFC 229 goes down Saturday night in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.