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ZUFFA seeks to trademark ‘UFC Ultimate Sound’

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The UFC owners have applied for a curious new trademark.

Conor McGregor Media Workout Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

According to online trademark database Justia, ZUFFA LLC have recently applied to trademark the term UFC ULTIMATE SOUND. Two trademark applications for this collection of words were filed on October 17th and both are awaiting assignment to an examiner, who will decide if ZUFFA’s application can proceed.

ZUFFA is submitting two different applications for the same term since the organization is seeking to trademark the term in two different classification groups; Class 38 (Telecommunications) and Class 9 (Electronic and scientific apparatus*).

For each trademark application ZUFFA provided a ‘goods and services’ statement, where they described the products they intend to associate with the term ‘UFC Ultimate Sound’.

For their Class 9 application, ZUFFA gave the following description:

Computer software for use in generating customized recommendations of audio and multimedia content; computer software for creating and sharing playlists of audio and multimedia files; computer software for use in connection with an online music streaming service; database synchronization software; database management software; computer software for use in playing, organizing, downloading, transmitting, manipulating, and reviewing audio and multimedia files; computer software for use in the delivery, distribution and transmission of digital music and entertainment-related audio and multimedia content; computer software for creating searchable databases of information and data for peer-to-peer social networking databases; computer software for enabling transmission, storage, sharing, collection, editing, organizing and modifying media content; transmitter and receiver used to broadcast audio content

For the Class 38 application, ZUFFA provided a more succinct description:

Streaming of audio and audiovisual material via electronic communications networks, local and global computer networks and wireless communications networks; Electronic transmission and streaming of digital media content for others via global and local computer networks; audio broadcasting

Both applications were seeking trademarks for just the term UFC ULTIMATE SOUND and neither included any additional logos or artwork.

Like many large corporations, ZUFFA — which was bought by WME-IMG from the Fertitta Brothers in 2016 — is very active in applying for trademarks. Prior to this latest one, the outfit’s most recent activity included trademarking ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP, along with the classic outstretched arms logo, in relation to jewelry products and money clips. Those pending trademarks were filed on October 12th.

Before that, in July, ZUFFA applied for trademarks for the terms TRAIN DIFFERENT and CLASS BY UFC GYM in categories that included exercise machines, performance apparel, and heath club services. Other 2018 applications from ZUFFA include OCTAGON GIRL, G OCTAGON GIRL, WE ARE ALL FIGHTERS, and the name and acronym for Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series.

Right now it’s unclear what will become of UFC ULTIMATE SOUND; perhaps it will be a platform for sharing some of the UFC’s most recognizable (and maligned) anthems. It’s also possible that nothing becomes of the term, as was the case when ZUFFA trademarked CHICKEN MONSTER (along with this image) back in 2010.