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MMA fighter fends off gang of muggers, survives being stabbed and slashed

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A British fighter and coach said ‘martial arts saved my life’ after the incident in Essex.

UWC MMA / YouTube

On Tuesday evening Louis Nicholson, 22, was walking alone through the town of Grays in Essex, England. During his stroll he was allegedly approached by eight men who stopped him and asked for his cell phone.

Nicholson, who is an amateur MMA fighter and a coach at TSG MMA Fight School in Corringham, refused to hand over the device.

According to The Sun the gang then attacked Nicholson. However, despite their superior numbers, Nicholson was able to keep his attackers at bay. The fighter and coach said he was even able to land some punches that dropped a few of his foes.

After Nicholson showed he could hold his own against the gang, his alleged aggressors drew knives. “The absolute cowards decided eight versus one isn’t a big enough advantage for them,” said Nicholson to The Sun. In the ensuing fracas Nicholson was stabbed under his armpit. He also received a large gash along his forearm.

Nicholson told The Sun that he tried to move through the street while fighting the gang, hoping to transport the melee to somewhere more public, where he might find some assistance. He said at one point the gang had him completely surrounded. However, when one assailant decided to break ranks, Nicholson said he burst through the gap this created. He then sprinted into a construction yard and yelled at workers to call the police. At this point the gang fled the scene.

After the incident Nicholson was taken to hospital with serious, but not life threatening injuries.

“Long story short, I said I was ready to fight them because I was not going to give them my things — it was probably a stupid move, I realize that now,” said Nicholson. “I have to say though, that with zero shadow of a doubt, martial arts saved my life.”

Nicholson is expected to make a full recovery. Police in Essex are investigating the incident.