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After rape indictment, UFC’s Abdul Razak Alhassan seeks complete removal of GPS monitor

Abdul Razak Alhassan is accused of raping two women in Fort Worth, TX earlier this year.

UFC Fight Night: Gustafsson v Teixeira Photo by Michael Campanella/Getty Images

[CW: The following article describes two alleged sexual assaults]

In September UFC welterweight Abdul Razak Alhassan, 33, was indicted on two counts of sexual assault stemming from an alleged incident that occurred in Fort Worth, TX in March. Alhassan was arrested in connections with those charges and released from jail in April on a $20,000 bond.

This week The Star Telegram reported that Alhassan’s lawyer Brandon Barnett has attempted to further modify the conditions of Alhassan’s bond. Originally it was stipulated that Alhassan wear a GPS monitor on his ankle at all times. However, in May Alhassan’s lawyer was able to grant Alhassan permission to remove the device when training and fighting outside of Tarrant County, TX.

Alhassan was not wearing his GPS monitor when he fought Niko Price at UFC 228 in Dallas on September 8th, three weeks before he was indicted. Now Alhassan’s lawyer is arguing that Alhassan should not have to wear the device at all.

“This provision is not reasonable or feasible under the circumstances because defendant’s profession requires that he conduct training, travel, and undergo medical procedures that would interfere with the monitor,” said Barnett.

Star-Telegram reached out to the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office to ask whether or not the motion would be granted, but received no comment.

Alhassan is accused of raping two women after meeting them at Fort Worth’s Varsity Tavern in March, where he was working as a bouncer. His accusers, aged 20 and 22, have alleged that Alhassan drove them home to one of their houses on the night of March 24th. The youngest accuser has claimed Alhassan raped her at that location and that she then witnessed Alhassan raping her friend.

The 20-year-old called her mother after Alhassan allegedly left the location. The mother went to the location and discovered a used condom, which she turned over to Fort Worth police. Both accusers then went to John Peter Smith Hospital for sexual assault examinations.

The alleged victim’s mother spoke to the Star Telegram about Alhassan’s claim that the GPS monitor should be removed because it hinders his MMA career. “He obviously should have thought about his career before the nature of the crime,” she said.

The mother further stated that the GPS monitor, “gave us all a sense of slight sanity in this horrible nightmare — that he couldn’t continue to victimize others or worse, get even.”

The woman said that her family had been contacted by a private investigator who had argued that the GPS monitor should be removed. She claimed this investigator petitioned them, “in hopes that we would feel sympathetic [towards Alhassan].”

Bloody Elbow has made multiple requests to the UFC for a comment on Alhassan’s indictment. Bloody Elbow has also asked the UFC whether or not Alhassan is currently on that promotion’s active roster. At this time of writing, Bloody Elbow has received no comment from the UFC.

At this time of writing, Alhassan’s UFC fighter profile remains on the UFC’s official website. Bloody Elbow has also learned that Alhassan is currently still eligible to receive votes from media members in relation to official UFC rankings.

Abdul Razak Alhassan is innocent of all charges until proven guilty.

Survivors of sexual assault can find support via the following organizations:

US - Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)’s National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE (4673). RAINN also has an online chat service.

Love is Respect, 1-866-331-9474. They can also be reached via online chat or by texting LOVEIS to 22522.

End Rape on Campus (EROC), 1-424-777-EROC (3762).

Canada - Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime, 1-877-232-2610.

UK - UK Says No More.

Rest of the World - International Rape Crisis Hotlines.