WEISHANG: A Warrior's Story...By Vince Marino


Weishang is the story of Veronica "Ronnie" Danzano, the greatest female kickboxer on earth, and her quest to reach Nirvana. Ronnie was born and raised where Tumbleweeds roll but believes her journey began 4000 years ago as a male warrior in China. Weishang was his name. The hardwired need for both kindness and community - for domination and violence - has been an impossible reconciliation for Ronnie through multiple reincarnations. Her present-day psyche has always been frustrated by murky memories of her past lives; lives always ending in agony & shame - and this is her last shot. Ronnie’s inner circle is comprised of her handsome & acerbic boyfriend, Eric; her manager, and former karate-champion, Alan "Bergy" Bergman; easy going yet emotionally scarred striking coach, Larry Callahan; and new to the coterie, a young, very talented, severely closeted boxer named Mandy Thomas. One day online, Ronnie sees a massive Chinese female MMA fighter named Jun Chin, and her world is changed instantly - and forever. A gut-wrenching adrenaline rush leaves Ronnie limp as a colorful chakra energy envelopes her body. Soon afterwards, this epiphany occurs: Jun Chin was in the same clan with Ronnie 4000 years ago in China. Now, she must fight Jun to alter her putrid karma - in the mixed martial arts cage. The obstacles to fighting Jun - as with reaching Nirvana - are numerous and daunting. She must carve down to make a new weight, master new skills, overcome her team’s skepticism, win multiple fights to even get a crack atJun, a fighter in a maverick promotion in Japan - a long shot. In addition, Larry & Mandy have demons to exercise in order to realize their better selves; pursuits that become integral to Ronnie’s success in the cage - and attaining eternal enlightenment. Empathy and good judgement will be required from Ronnie: concepts repeatedly lost on her for thousands of years. Calling on fortitude never needed before nor aware she even possessed, Ronnie achieves superstar status, creating a collision course with Jun. Ronnie & Jun become fully aware of their egregious past together and the stakes for their redemption skyrocket. Will Ronnie’s combat skills, warrior spirit, and her team’s allegiance be enough for her to reach Nirvana?