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Dana White: Georges St-Pierre should fight lightweight contender before shot at Khabib

Dana White isn’t going to just give Georges St-Pierre another title shot right away, despite what he might be asking for,

Georges St-Pierre is undoubtedly one of the best fighters in UFC history. But he has walked away from two titles already, and UFC president Dana White has made it clear that he isn’t keen on letting GSP fight for another title straight away.

As a guest on ESPN earlier this week, St-Pierre said he wasn’t sure if he would fight again, but if he did, UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is of the most interest to him due to the legacy he has already acquired. The problem with that? Dana still isn’t budging (via ESPN):

“How does Georges St-Pierre jump over all the guys fighting in that division to face Khabib? Just because all of a sudden he wants to come out and fight this guy -- he doesn’t get to do that. If Georges St-Pierre is serious, listen, I’ll give you a fight with one of these guys in the top five. If you win, you’ll be in position for a title shot.

”We don’t even know if Georges St-Pierre can make 155 pounds. You know what I mean?”

While it is true that GSP has never made 155, he did state that he was walking around at 183, which is a good ten pounds below his walk-around weight when he was the welterweight champion. So there is some indication that he could do it.

Either way, the two men seem to be at an impasse at the moment. So it’s very possible we’ve seen the last of Georges St-Pierre in the Octagon. Then again, it could just be some hardball on both sides. So who knows.