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If I Did It - ConorKhabib Press Conference 2, Bones Fears Food/If The Shoes Fit - Kidnapping & Hijacking

Welcome to If I Did It, the show where we grapple with PR kerfluffles from the world of MMA. This week we discuss issues with Jon Jones’ future and more on ConorKhabib. Bonus edition of If the Shoes Fit featuring non-MMA PR issues regarding Kidnapping & Hijacking this week.

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Welcome to IF I DID IT, where we analyze and solve PR kerfuffles from the MMA world (insert hand gesture) not beyond.

Join your host Alexei Auld, author of “7 Secret Sources of Inspiration: A Snappy Guide for Creative Procrastinators”, and his guests, Kid Nate of Bloody Elbow and producer of the Let It Roll podcast, and Eugene S. Robinson, from and author of “Fight: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ass-Kicking but Were Afraid You’d Get Your Ass Kicked for Asking”, Collectively, MMA Puncholes. This week The Puncholes feature...

You’re Jon Jones. Once you ran to food. Now you run from food. This tainted meat you’re fearing….can you safely sup as a snitch or not nearly ALL. Live and in public if you will? - 1:00 video, 1:31 audio

You’re Khabib. Any need to switch up your press conference game when facing the Bull of the Woods, Conor McGregor this Thursday? - 7:09 video, 7:38 audio

You’re Bellator. How can you win the trust of your UK fans after your main event was preempted by what Scott Coker called “Pepa the Pig”? - 11:11 video, 11:27 audio

REGULAR FEATURE: HEEL TURN - 15:18 video, 16:00 audio
REGULAR FEATURE: LOST BATTALION - 17:16 video, 17:52 audio

IF THE SHOES FIT: 25:32 next up video, 25:29 seamless audio

This week sit tight and momentarily you will be treated to an episode of If The Shoes Fit re: Kidnapping & Hijacking. Join along while Alexei, Eugene and Nate discuss PR issues in the non-MMA world!

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“We’ll be back next week with another installment of If I Did It; and we don’t know what we’ll be talking about yet because the PR mistakes have yet to be made.”