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Derrick Lewis: ‘I will be 100 percent’ going into UFC 230 against Daniel Cormier

Derrick Lewis says he will be in tip-top shape entering his heavyweight title fight against Daniel Cormier.

UFC heavyweight contender Derrick Lewis put on a remarkable comeback performance at UFC 229 with a last-minute knockout victory over Alexander Volkov. His efforts were rewarded with an immediate title shot against Daniel Cormier, which takes place less than a month later at UFC 230.

“The Black Beast” was originally given a month-long medical suspension, which he lobbied to be reduced to three weeks according to the New York State Athletic Commission. This has caused some concern for the NYSAC, but Lewis says he will be in top shape for this upcoming contest.

“I will be 100 percent going into this fight,” Lewis said at a UFC 230 media event in Las Vegas (via MMAjunkie). “I went to the doctor and got cleared. Everything checked out pretty good. They basically said I was good to fight.”

Lewis also feels Cormier may not be taking him seriously, which he very much welcomes.

“I believe he’s thinking this is going to be an easy fight for himself,” he said. “Go ahead and think that. It’s crazy I even made it this far without he training I put in before each and every fight. I’m serious, I don’t stay in the gym each day like my opponents. I spend probably 30 minutes (training), five minutes sitting and five minutes on my phone posting memes and stuff.

“I go into every fight with a bad back and overweight and a damn-near diabetic. It doesn’t matter to me that he’s coming into a fight with just a bad hand. That’s good for him, then.”

UFC 230 is scheduled to take place on November 3rd at Madison Square Garden in New York City.