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MMA fighter Ahmad Wali Hotak survives after being shot and stabbed in Afghanistan

An MMA fighter survived a possible attempted kidnapping in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Ahmad Wali Hotak / YouTube

Ahmad Wali Hotak, 31, is a professional MMA fighter from Afghanistan with a record of 7-1. According to Tolo News Hotak was attacked by a group of at least five men in Kabul on Sunday night. Tolo reported that Hotak was shot in the stomach and stabbed in the head during the attack (MenaFN reported Hotak was stabbed, not shot, in the stomach).

The attack occurred around 11:00PM while Hotak was driving close to his home. It is alleged that the group opened fire on Hotak’s vehicle and then tried to drag the fighter out of the car. As Hotak resisted he received wounds to his head and abdomen before his attackers fled.

Hotak was found bleeding in his car by family members and then transported to an emergency hospital. Footage of Hotak on route to hospital, bleeding profusely from his head and stomach, has been uploaded to Hotek’s instagram page and YouTube (warning: graphic content).

Speaking from his hospital bed Hotak said he believes the group intended to kidnap him (per MenaFN). Hotak further stated that he did not recognize anyone in the group, but hoped they would be caught and punished.

“I want to tell my fans that I will continue playing and serving the country until the last drop of blood in my body,” said Hotak.

Hotak had recently returned to Afghanistan after a five month training camp in the US. According to Hotak’s instagram, the fighter had been training at Kaizen MMA in Virginia. Hotak was training in preparation for a fight against Maksim Schekin at Fight Nights Global 90 in Moscow, Russia. That event is scheduled for this Friday.

Hotak made his professional MMA debut in 2013, defeating Dada Dattatray Mane in a Super Fight League contest in India. Since then Hotak has competed twice for Fight Nights Global and twice for ACB. Hotak’s last fight was a decision victory over Vladislav Stepanov at ACB 81, which was held in Dubai.