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Three Amigos Podcast Special: UFC code of silence re: USADA & comparing Jones tainted supps case to others

Iain Kidd and Stephie Haynes are breaking down all the details and ramifications stemming from the UFC’s decision to no longer announce USADA flags. They also discuss Jon Jones’ upcoming title fight right off his suspension.

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Welcome to this special edition of the Three Amigos Podcast. A little over a week ago, news broke that the UFC would no longer be announcing USADA flags of its athletes. Iain Kidd and Stephie Haynes look at all the takeaways of this decision and why it could lead to ethical problems.

The second topic revolves around former light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones, who recently received a massively reduced suspension of just 15 months (down from a possible 48 months), stemming from a failed drug test in July, 2017 following his re-match with Daniel Cormier. With this development, Jones is eligible to fight as early as October 28, 2018.

Last week, the UFC took advantage of Jones’ early release and booked him in the main event of UFC 232 against Alexander Gustafsson for the vacant light heavyweight title (Daniel Cormier was stripped of the title shortly after it was announced he’d be facing Derrick Lewis at heavyweight to headline UFC 230). We discuss Jones’ claims that he didn’t “snitch” and compare his suspension with others that had tainted supplement cases, but didn’t fare as well as Jonny did.

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