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Video: This is what Khabib was telling Conor McGregor while beating him up at UFC 229

“Let’s talk now!” Listen to what Khabib Nurmagomedov was telling Conor McGregor during their UFC 229 bout.

Khabib Nurmagomedov has been known to talk during his bouts. From talking to Dana White about smashing Conor McGregor, to telling Michael Johnson to “give up,” to talking to both Al Iaquinta and Matt Serra on previous bouts, the lightweight champ has been captured on camera multiple times.

UFC 229 was no different. As he was unleashing ground and pound in what would be a very lopsided second round, Khabib was talking to McGregor.

The video and transcript provided by the twitter user above shows Nurmagomedov at the middle of the second round, saying the following as he was dropping hard shots at McGregor:

“Huh?! We’re talking. Let’s talk now.”

“Let’s talk!”

“Let’s talk now!”

“Let’s talk!”

In between rounds, as Herb Dean was separating them, McGregor is also heard telling Khabib that “it’s only business.”

Khabib just responded with the same line.

“Hey! Let’s talk!”

Midway through the fourth round, Khabib ended the fight with a face crank that forced McGregor to tap. The talking didn’t end, and the now infamous post-fight brawl happened shortly after.