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Nick Diaz’s take on Khabib vs. McGregor at UFC 229: ‘I’ll beat both their asses’

An extremely in-depth breakdown from Nick Diaz on the UFC 228 main event.

We’ve reached UFC 229 fight week, which means we are merely days away from the lightweight championship showdown between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor. One person who doesn’t rate either fighter very much is, probably to the surprise of no one, Nick Diaz.

Nick spoke with TMZ a few days ago and was asked who would win the October 6th mega-fight, and while he didn’t actually choose who would prevail, he’s confident that he’d be no match for either of them.

“I don’t know, I’d beat both of them. I’ll beat both their asses,” Diaz said.

When asked when we’d see a trilogy matchup between McGregor and his younger brother Nate, Nick seemed to not actually answer the question, instead opting to say that Conor and Khabib are “not that good.”

Nick Diaz hasn’t fought since a January 2015 no-contest vs. Anderson Silva, in which Diaz lost the decision, and both men failed drug tests for separate reasons. Diaz has since served suspensions for marijuana and for violating the USADA whereabouts program, as well as having his domestic violence charges dismissed earlier this year. Will we see him back in the Octagon any time soon?

“Yeah, I’ll beat all those guys. All those motherf—kers. I’ll whoop [Tyron Woodley’s] ass, too.”

Sounds like a plan.