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Video: Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson square off in the club

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One of MMA’s most notable feuds got briefly reignited out at the club in Miami.

Has their beef really lasted this long? Or is this just a bit of kayfabe for any fans out there still keeping the dream alive that Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans might fight again?

The two former light heavyweights had a notably contentious rivalry during their filming of the 10th season of the Ultimate Fighter during Quinton Jackson’s time in the UFC. The feud eventually turned into a PPV headliner for UFC 114, which brought in more than a million buys, as fans flocked to see them settle their score.

The actual result was a fairly lackluster decision, that involved a lot more stalking and staring than it did meaningful blows exchanged, with Rashad taking home the win.

Now, via Rampage’s Instagram, you can relive the hype.

“Out of all the places i see @sugarashadevans sweet ass on my vacation in the same fucken club!” Jackson wrote on his social media account. “ i better not see him when i leave this Bitch!”

Jackson is currently coming off a recent unanimous decision loss to Chael Sonnen in the opening rounds of the Bellator heavyweight grand prix. While Rashad is looking to rebound from three straight losses at middleweight, and is being teased as a possible opponent for Michael Bisping’s retirement fight in London, on March 17th.