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Fight to Win Pro 59 results: JT Torres submits Benson Henderson

Full results from Fight to Win Pro 59, including JT Torres submitting former UFC champ Benson Henderson.

JT Torres celebrates his win over Benson Henderson
Mike Calimbas

Fight to Win Pro 59 brought back former UFC champion and Bellator title challenger, Benson Henderson, to continue his campaign in the competitive grappling industry. Standing across from him was one of the best in the sport in ADCC and multiple-time champion, JT Torres. The two athletes fought for the gi welterweight title and it would be Torres adding another victory to his resume.

This was a match in which Torres showed why he is one of the most proficient competitive grapplers in the sport today. The Atos Academy standout put together an extremely successful 2017 campaign and continued that run with this clear victory over Henderson.

Henderson, who’s an experienced grappler in his own right, was competitive and aggressive in this match, but he didn’t have enough to threaten Torres in many positions. Torres would find his way to the mount early in the match and controlled the bout from that space. After securing the mount he would quickly move to the back, then transition to a variation of the bow and arrow choke to secure the submission with 4:16 remaining in the contest.

Another MMA veteran returned to Fight to Win Pro, as Jeff Curran competed in the co-main event against Gerson Atoigue. Atoigue is also a multiple-time veteran of Fight to Win Pro and used that experience to earn a decision victory over Curran in the 150 pounds, gi black belt division.

Brown belt Jake Watson proved why he is a name to watch in the competitive grappling world as he earned a big win over Hunter Colvin. Watson and Colvin would put on a great back and forth battle; so much so that they took home Fight of the Night honors. In the end, it would be Watson earning the victory via triangle to take home the middleweight no-gi title.

Tyson Antillon also took home a title when he defeated Jams Partridge via heel hook for the brown belt lightweight championship.

Fight to Win Pro 59 is available for full replay on the platform.

Fight to Win Pro 59 Results

JT Torres defeats Ben Henderson via Bow-and-Arrow Choke

Gerson Atoigue defeats Jeff Curran via Decision

Sean Downie defeats Diogo Ferriera via Decision

Josh Rodriguez defeats William Wolk via Decision

Paul Nava defats Mario Gaxiola via Armbar

Thomas Keenan defats Daniel Mehrkar Via Bow-and-Arrow Choke

Michael MacGregor defats David Barnes via Ezekiel

Jonathan Van Buren defeats Gabriel Revoredo

Beau Tribolet defeats Parker Lapp via Armbar

Scott Boehler defeats Anthony Torres via Decision

Sal Flores defeats Mike Burlaka Lapel via Choke

Jake Watson defeats Hunter Colvin via Triangle

Matthew Mamolen defeats Daniel Radoff via Split Decision

Ismat Abdulhamid defeats Chris Shuman via Armbar

Matt Blank defeats JT Burns via Brabo Choke

Michael Kaplan defeats Korey Kerber via Split Decision

Tyson Antillon defeats Jams Partridge via Heel Hook

Maria Henderson defeats Shasta Mcmurry via Triangle

Josh Guerra defeats Keolaimipono Kalama via Choke

Nick Larranaga defeats Stephen Heaven via Decision

John Cabay defeats Troy Everett via Choke

Aaron Wilson defeats Juan Gonzales via Decision

Robert Biggs defeats Jesse Jack Teague via Decision

John O’Hagan defeats Devin Jackson via Toe Hold

Nick Nelson defeats Jonathan Caraveo via Rear Naked Choke