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UFC 220 results: Stipe Miocic dominates Francis Ngannou, wins lopsided decision

Stipe Miocic retained his UFC heavyweight title with a dominant decision win over Francis Ngannou in the UFC 220 main event.

UFC 220: Miocic v Ngannou Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

The top of the UFC 220 billing saw one of the most anticipated heavyweight title tilts of all time, as the defending champion Stipe Miocic took it to the surging #1 contender Francis Ngannou, picking up the unanimous decision victory. The big men went right at one another, landing and absorbing big shots early, with Miocic landing some crucial takedowns in the opening round. The cardio abandoned the challenger at the start of the 2nd round, and the champion began to run away with the bout. Miocic scored takedown after takedown, forcing his foe to carry his weight for the bulk of the fight. With the victory, Miocic has just made history by becoming the first UFC heavyweight champion to successfully defend the title three times in a row.

Main Event:

Stipe Miocic def. Francis Ngannou by Unanimous Decision (50-44 x3): Heavyweight Title

Ngannou opened up the bout with a head kick that Miocic blocked. Miocic wasted no time in attempting the the takedown, and actually secured it, but Ngannou was quick to return to his feet. Ngannou went after the champ, throwing with the worst of intentions leaving Miocic a little roughed up in the face. Miocic landed a flush right hand and used the moment to secure a blasting takedown into side control. Ngannou made it back to his feet off of a botched Guillotine attempt from the champ, and the big men traded heavy blows on the feet. Miocic blasted another takedown in the closing moments of an exciting opening round.

Ngannou appeared to start the 2nd round pretty gassed with Miocic appearing to be much more fresh. Miocic started landing whatever he wanted as Ngannou’s movement dwindled severely. The champ found himself on top of the challenger, forcing a tired Ngannou to carry his weight for large chunk of time.

Miocic closed the distance on Ngannou, holding him against the fence before dragging him to the ground. Ngannou managed to explode back top his feet, landed a massive right hand, but fatigue was a major factor for the challenger and he gave up the easy takedown. Miocic began raining down shot after shot, pulling further and further away on the scorecards.

Miocic picked up a takedown in about 20 seconds into the 4th frame, and transitioned right into side control. Ngannou had the chance to explode back to his feet, but he was so exhausted from the champion grinding on him, that he was unable to capitalize on the moment. Miocic continued to make his opponent carry his weight, pounding away as Ngannou had zero answers for the positional control of the champion.

Miocic quickly closed the distance, pinning his foe against the fence in search of the takedown, but Ngannou was able to remain vertical until the referee separated them. The big men stood in front of one another in the final 2 minutes, but the exhaustion was evident on both sides, and a lot of starring was going on. Miocic was able to close the distance and pin his opponent against the cage as the final bell sounded.

Watch the defending champion throw a heater:

Miocic showing that he can hit pretty hard himself: