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UFC 220: Miocic vs. Ngannou PPV card live results, discussion, play-by-play

Live, blow-by-blow updates for the UFC 220 pay-per-view card, including the hotly anticipated heavyweight title fight between Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou.

Join Bloody Elbow tonight (Saturday, January 20th) for live results, discussion, and round-by-round scoring and commentary for UFC 220 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic faces off against Francis Ngannou in a hugely compelling main event, while Daniel Cormier puts his light heavyweight strap on the line against the heavy-handed Volkan Oezdemir in the co-main event.

Kicking off the main card is a bantamweight fight between Thomas Almeida and Rob Font, followed by a light heavyweight matchup between Gian Villante and Francimar Barroso, then promising featherweights Shane Burgos and Calvin Kattar. The PPV broadcast starts at its usual time of 10 PM ET/7 PM PT. This post will cover only the main card, while the prelims will be in a separate post.

Check out this week’s MMA Vivisection for predictions, analysis and betting odds on the each matchup.

The fight lineup is as follows:

Stipe Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou - UFC heavyweight championship

Round 1 - They touch gloves, Herb Dean is the referee, and we are underway! Leg kick by Miocic. Head kick by Ngannou. Miocic with the takedown, and Ngannou is immediately back to his feet. Left hook by Ngannou after he exited the clinch, and Miocic goes for the single again, and it’s stuffed. Ngannou is throwing some heavy punches. Miocic shows good defense to dodge three punches. Hard uppercut tags the champion. Big right hand clocks Ngannou, and Ngannou responds with a right of his own. Miocic with another shot, and they clinch. Knee to the body by Miocic, Ngannou’s knee aims for the head. Francis separates from the clinch, and Miocic has a cut on his left eye. Ngannou with a sloppy left hook that misses. Sharp right hand lands for Miocic. Big right hand by Miocic rocks Ngannou! Francis is taken down this time and Miocic is in side control. He drops some punches down on Ngannou’s head. One minute left in the round. Lethal ground-and-pound by Miocic, then he goes for a guillotine but Ngannou is back to his feet. Hard right hand scores for Stipe again! Jab lands for Ngannou. Uppercut and a left hook by Ngannou. Stipe with a lovely combination and Ngannou is rocked! Miocic gets tagged but he pushes forward and takes Ngannou down to end the round. 10-9 Miocic.

Round 2 - Ngannou with his hands on his hips to start this round. Right hand clips Miocic but he takes it well, and it was more of a slap. Great body kick by Miocic. Stipe with a couple of leg kicks to buckle Ngannou. Francis looks absolutely exhausted, but he still stops the takedown and misses on three right hands. MONSTROUS right hand by Miocic and Ngannou took it! Uppercut connects for Ngannou. Deep shot by Miocic and he’s got him down. Miocic unleashes a couple of left hands, and Ngannou is back to his feet but in Miocic’s control. Ngannou in pure defensive mode as he tries to limit Stipe’s offense. Beautiful knee to the body by the champion. Fifteen seconds to go. Miocic taking his time and he drags Ngannou down one more time and goes for the rear-naked choke, but too late. 20-18 Miocic.

Round 3 - Miocic with the early takedown attempt and Ngannou sprawls and stops it. He tries to explode out of the clinch but falls over, and Miocic has him down again. Ngannou back to his feet, Miocic draped all over his body. Elbow by Miocic on the exit. Lunging left hook by Ngannou is well off-target. Big right hand by Ngannou rocks Miocic, and he immediately goes for a takedown and gets it. Stipe in half-guard raining down some ground-and-pound. Stipe has pressed Ngannou against the fence, throwing short elbows. Herb Dean tells them to work for some odd reason. Miocic stays busy with the ground-and-pound but isn’t really close to a finish. 30-27 Miocic.

Round 4 - Immediate shot by Miocic and he’s right into side control. Not much happens, so Stipe stands up, but Ngannou can’t get up so Miocic goes back on top, landing more strikes as Francis is horribly spent. There’s a lull in the action as Ngannou looks lost and Miocic isn’t throwing a series of shots. Miocic attacks with knees to the body. Herb Dean wants more action, so Stipe obliges, and now Stipe is pounding Ngannou with a bevy of left hands. He might be going for the rear-naked choke. There’s a little over a minute left. Miocic with a bunch of punches to the body and the round ends. 10-8 Miocic and 40-35 Miocic.

Round 5 - Surprise! Takedown attempt by Miocic, Ngannou is staying upright but he needs to separate and throw something massive. Francis has a hold of Stipe’s neck, then looks for a big strike but Miocic ducks under and the clinching continues. Herb Dean separates the clinch due to an extended period of nothing. Two minutes left and Miocic is well ahead on the scorecards. Ngannou is barely throwing anything, ditto Stipe, but Ngannou needs the knockout. Thirty ticks to go. Flying knee by Ngannou and Miocic walks through it. Miocic leans Ngannou against the fence and that’s a wrap. 50-44 Miocic.

Official result: Stipe Miocic def. Francis Ngannou by unanimous decision (50-44 x3) to remain the UFC heavyweight champion

Daniel Cormier vs. Volkan Oezdemir - UFC light heavyweight championship

Round 1 - Oezdemir wastes no time throwing haymakers , but Cormier is dodging them and trying to clinch. Volkan tags Cormier with the left hand, and Oezdemir continues to swing away. Cormier with a high kick. Crowd chanting “Let’s go DC!” as Oezdemir shucks off another Cormier clinch. Cormier with a right hand, ducks under for the takedown and doesn’t get it. Oezdemir with a right of his own. Oezdemir with a left, but Cormier takes it well. Sweeping right by Cormier. Leg kick scores for the champ. Oezdemir with a lunging left hook and Cormier counters him. This is a solid start for the challenger. Oezdemir jabs to the body, and then a hook. Cormier with a cracking right hand that stunned Oezdemir. Big left hook by Cormier hurts Oezdemir! Uppercut lands! They’re swinging away and Cormier gets clipped! Oezdemir is bleeding out of his right eye and he’s just eaten a jab. Another big right hand by Cormier. Oezdemir with a body kick, and Cormier catches the leg, then completes the takedown. Ground-and-pound by DC and then he goes for the rear-naked choke! Time expires but Cormier took the round. 10-9 Cormier.

Round 2 - Cormier drops for a single-leg and gets him down, straight into full mount. Oezdemir is in a world of trouble. Oezdemir recovers half-guard, but Cormier traps the left arm and unleashes right hands on Volkan’s unguarded face. Oezdemir is just about trapped in a crucifix. The deluge of punches continue to land and Oezdemir is in danger of being stopped, and now it is stopped! Cormier gets the TKO and keeps his title.

Official result - Daniel Cormier def. Volkan Oezdemir by TKO (punches) at 2:00 of round 2 to remain the UFC light heavyweight champion

Shane Burgos vs. Calvin Kattar - Featherweights

Round 1 - Good jab by Kattar, as well as a leg kick. Both men trade in the pocket, and Kattar continues to flash the jab, knocking Burgos’ head back on the counter. Hard body shot by Burgos and then a push kick to the body. Two more excellent jabs by Kattar get the crowd excited. Big right hand over the top by Kattar, then Burgos rips Kattar to the body. Another hard hook to the body by Burgos, and he lands a jab of his own. Kattar with an effective 1-2 combination. He sneaks in an uppercut on the inside. Three-punch combination by Burgos is his best offense of the round. Straight right and a jab both score for Kattar. Burgos to the head and then the body again. Burgos has no answer for Kattar’s jab so far. Front kick to the face by Kattar. Burgos showing a good chin. 10-9 Kattar.

Round 2 - Burgos begins this round with a shovel hook. Three leg kicks by Burgos, but Kattar landed a punch during that stretch. That jab is still posing problems for Burgos. Beautiful left hook to the body by Burgos, who has to defend a takedown, and he does. Kattar gets hit to the liver again. Burgos continues to throw and land powerful body shots, and now he attacks with an inside leg kick. Better round so far for Burgos. Downstairs and upstairs he goes with his punches, and Kattar may be slowing down. Two, three jabs by Kattar, but no follow-up. Another body shot by Burgos, and another leg kick. Kattar with two kicks, one is blocked, and Burgos takes this round. 19-19.

Round 3 - Kattar with a body kick, as Burgos throws his combinations. Big right hand rocks Burgos, uppercut staggers him! Kattar has Burgos in trouble and is unleashing some brutal punches on the ground, and this is over! Burgos was wobbling on the way back up. Great finish by Calvin Kattar when it looked as if the fight was going against him.

Official result - Calvin Kattar def. Shane Burgos by TKO (punches) at :32 of round 3

Francimar Barroso vs. Gian Villante - Light heavyweights

Round 1 - Villane strikes first with a big right hand. The New Yorker tags the Brazilian with another right. Barroso throwing almost nothing of consequence so far, 90 seconds into the fight. Good uppercut has Barroso stunned. Villante is off to a terrific start, but he takes a leg kick. Quick jab by Barroso, and then a leg kick. Villante wings and misses on another power right. Barroso is chewing up that led leg of Villante, whose attacks are becoming less effective and more predictable. It’s Villante with a nice leg kick in the final 30 seconds of the round. Barroso with one more thudding kick, Villante starts swinging and gets countered a few seconds before time expires. 10-9 Villante.

Round 2 - Villante with a hard jab and a good combination against the fence. This fight is actually heating up, with Barroso showing off a good chin and firing back. Hard counter left by Barroso, who was hit in the groin. The fight resumes and Villante connects on a heavy inside leg kick. Villante times Barroso and whacks him with a right. Gian remains on the front foot and is the primary aggressor. Barroso can’t land the left hook, but does slam home a leg kick. Nice exchange on the inside by both men. Villante whiffs horribly on a right hand and is buckled by a leg kick. Barroso jabs the body. The pace has slowed considerably, both men may be gassed. 20-18 Villante.

Round 3 - Villante begins the final frame with, surprise surprise, a right hand. Barroso with a jab as he’s backing up. Painful looking body kick by Barroso but Villante keeps walking forward. Left hook cracks Barroso and he’s momentarily stunned. Barroso just refuses to throw combinations. Leg kick and body kick by Barroso, while Villante can’t connect on the left hook. Villante’s punches have no more steam on them anymore. Barroso with a right across the face of Villante. Crowd is booing, primarily because this is now totally a slow-paced mess. Barroso has to be more urgent than this, and he’s not. 30-27 Villante.

Official result: Gian Villante def. Francimar Barroso by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27)

Thomas Almeida vs. Rob Font - Bantamweights

Round 1 - Font with the jab and right cross. Almeida comes up short with a right hand but nails Font with a leg kick. Font misses on the uppercut and closes the distance, initiating a clinch and landing a right hand on the inside. Great counter left by Font. Fast start already and Font has the early advantage. Almeida evades the uppercut and throws a head kick. Two-punch combo is there for the Brazilian. Another head kick scores for Almeida. Right hand over the top for Almeida and he just misses the uppercut. Strong leg kick by Almeida. Good counter left hook by Almeida. Font sticks out his jab, so does Almeida, then he connects on a leg kick. Nice right hand to counter the Font high kick. I think Almeida took the round. 10-9 Almeida.

Round 2 - Stiff 1-2 by Font and Almeida acknowledges Font’s work, but now Almeida gets rocked with another right hand and tumbles to the canvas. Font going on the attack, but now Almeida is back to his feet. Big uppercut by Font! Right hand over the top! Font is on the attack and Almeida is taken down again. Big knee by Font but then he fell backwards after throwing it. Hard body kick by Almeida. Lethal body shot and leg kick combo by Almeida. Font with a head kick and Almeida is wobbled. Uppercuts aplenty and Almeida is down again, and this time he’s not getting back up! Hammerfists end it and Rob Font wins it.

Official result - Rob Font def. Thomas Almeida by TKO (strikes) at 2:24 of round 2