Vintage TUF – Season 10 The Heavyweights: Where Are They Now? 2018 Edition

Recently I got in the mood to write something, but the problem is that I'm creatively devoid right now, so like your favorite band who hasn't produced anything as good as their old stuff in a long time, I'm pulling from my Greatest Hits package and giving it a re-release.

Well not really, after officially putting TUF 10 to bed a few years ago with the original Where Are They Now, I didn't plan to write about it at great length ever again. That was until I had a conversation with some of my fellow Bloody Elbow mods about Henri Hooft straight up giving Rumble Johnson the Quinton Jackson treatment after his second loss to Daniel Cormier at UFC 210.

See for yourself.

So that got me looking into just what the cast had been up to since I last checked in on them. And I feel enough has happened to warrant an update on what became of the cast of The Season That Cardio Forgot. And like last time, I'll start with the coaches and work my way through the cast in the order they were drafted.

But before we get into it, for anyone who has no idea wtf I'm talking about, back in 2015 Alexander K Lee (now a staffer on MMA Fighting) and myself spent 3 months recapping the 10th season of The Ultimate Fighter. We laughed, we cried, I drank... a lot, and it's something I still get compliments about to this day. So if you've never read the series before or would just like to revisit it, here's the entire collection for your convenience.

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Quinton Jackson

2015 - His last (and quite possibly final) fight was a UD win over Fábio Maldonado at UFC 186. He's currently spending his nights streaming games on TwitchTV while crank calling other fighters and journalists. Here there be dragons.

Where is he now?

A short while after my original article, Quinton and the Bellator brass squashed their legal beef and he made his way back to the promotion, though it would be without any of the remaining fucks he might have had to give. The former TRT user has settled into a new role as a very lazy curmudgeon of a heavyweight, picking up a split decision win over Satoshi Ishii later that June and then dropping a very boring decision to Muhammed Lawal in a rematch to a fight no one wanted to see in March of last year.

He's currently booked to face another former UFC fighter/TUF coach/TRT user Chael Sonnen in the opening round of Bellator's insanely stupid Heavyweight Grand Prix tournament thingy in just a few days, because it worked out so well for Scott Coker the last time he tried this. No word yet on if Jackson will be sporting the very same things he mercilessly teased Darrill Schoonover for having during TUF 10.


As for his man servant Tiki? He's still just posting pictures of himself with much more famous and accomplished people, but he did include one of panda bears fucking, so it's nice to see he's branching out a little bit and getting away from his comfort zone.

Rashad Evans

2015 - Unfortunately, Rashad spent the next 2 years on the shelf nursing various injuries, he didn't step back in the cage until UFC 192 this past October where he dropped a UD to Ryan Bader.

Where is he now?

The last two years have NOT been kind to Suga, like not at all. In April of 2016 he was brutally knocked out in less than two minutes by Glover Teixeira. A year later he tried to follow in Lyoto Machida's footsteps by dropping down to 185lbs in hopes of revitalizing his career, but he dropped an ugly and not super competitive split decisions to Daniel Kelly in March and Sam Alvey in August. He's now on a four fight losing streak and has lost 6 of his last 8.

He also had to deal with the implosion of the Blackzillians, the very camp he helped found after leaving Greg Jackson's. More recently he was talking about returning to 205 and trying his luck there while most fans are wishing the 38 year old would strongly consider hanging it up before he suffers more brain trauma.

James McSweeney

2015 - He's just barely batting .500 with a 15-13 record (8 losses by KO, 4 by sub) and he was most recently seen submitting a guy named Marcin Rózalski at KSW 32. This is the same guy who said he was going to knock out Roy Nelson.

Where is he now?

I recently took my second favorite whipping boy of the season to task after he made some very very dumb comments about his then upcoming opponent Mariusz Pudzianowski at KSW 40. After I wrote and posted it, James was pulled from the fight after not passing his medicals, and it later was said that he had been suffering from several health issues, including suffering a stroke at some point. I couldn't find any hard evidence of that being the case, and KSW said the reason he was pulled wasn't due to any medical issue.

Because he might be having serious health issues, I will go somewhat easy on him here. In the last two years he dropped another two fights, a knockout at the elbows of someone named Karol Bedorf and a TKO corner stoppage to recent UFC acquisition Tai Tuivasa. His record now stands as a stellar 15-15. And he'll still never be able to wash the stink of this off of him.


Kimbo Slice

2015 - Announcing to a few thousand very confused people that he's going to be fighting his doppelganger, DaDa 5000, in a couple months.

Where is he now? Sadly, Kevin Ferguson passed away on June 5th 2016 from a litany of health issues, which included congestive heart failure and having a mass on his liver. He was apparently in such poor health that he needed a heart transplant. That's not hyperbole on my part, he was knocking on death's door. Yet all of this had magically slipped by every doctor who examined him before his fights with Ken Shamrock and DaDa.

After the DaDa clusterfuck, which remains the absolute WORST fight in MMA history (it makes his fight with Houston Alexander look like Big Nog/Randy Couture), but he also tested positive for steroids. But Bellator being Bellator, they simply ignored his suspension and booked him to rematch James Thompson in London where the AC had no reach.

As an aside, and I am sorry for the sudden tonal shift here, I really am, the normal yuck yucks should return in a moment. But I am legit angry here about this, just as much as I was when it first happened. A man with a family is dead because a corporation couldn't give a single fuck about their health because it would impact their bottom line. CHF was one of things that contributed to my father's death and I can assure you it's not something that just crops up overnight. Someone in charge there either dropped the ball BIG TIME or they fudged his medical records. Sadly, we'll probably never find out the whole truth and Bellator will never have to answer for their actions.

Brendan Schaub

2015 - Schaub's last fight was just over a year ago, KO loss to Browne, and is more or less retired today. He spends his time making podcasts with Joe Rogan.

Where is he now?

The TUF 10 runner up is still happily retired and making podcasts with Joe, however he's apparently been released from any UFC obligations he might have still had, since he was a talking head on Bellator's NYC PPV back in the summer. Though considering how thin the Bellator roster is and their apparent hard-on for booking rematches to fights that sucked the first time around and no one wants to see again, it's possible we could see him climb back into the cage at some point.

Abe Wagner

2015 - Retired and probably working as an accountant/CPA somewhere. MMA was never a full time thing for Abe, much like Shane Carwin, he had something to fall back on.

Where is he now?

For reasons unknown to me, Abe ended his retirement the following May by getting choked out by Daniel Gallemore in just over 90 seconds into the first round. Fast forward to last May where he knocked out someone named Scott Hough in the first, improving his MMA record to 11-8-1.

Justin Wren

2015 - Justin ended his 5 year retirement this past August to fight Josh Burns at Bellator 141. It was mostly done to draw eyeballs and attention to his cause, so it was really a one time thing and I don't believe we'll see him fight again.

Where is he now?

Well it turns out I was wrong yet again. Since then Justin has notched two more wins in Bellator, defeating Juan Torres and Roman Pizzolato, and no I don't know who they are either. But I can't really knock the guy, he's a good guy who as I said before is doing it mostly to help get exposure for cause of helping kids in the Congo. But who's to say if or even when he'll get back in there.

Demico Rogers

2015 - According to Twitter, he was still training to stay in shape but had no plans to fight again, he was also training to become or has now become a firefighter. Near as I could tell anyway.

Where is he now?

No update since last time, he's only tweeted twice in the interim, no word on if he ever got to become a firefighter either.

Jon Madsen

2015 - Semi-retired if not fully retired it looks like to me.

Where is he now?

Same since I last checked in, his last fight was almost 3 years ago at this point.

Wes Sims

2015 - Check your local dive bar, he can probably be found there working as a bouncer on wet t-shirt nights.

Where is he now?

Much to my surprise, the 6'9 wannabe ninja managed to have a sanctioned fight the following August at an event called "Duggout Summer Throwdown", I fucking shit you not. His opponent was someone named George Oiler and for all I know this took place in a pile of cow shit at a country fair, only done to serve as entertainment for the crowd between bull riding. He lost by armbar submission in just over two minutes by the way.

Roy Nelson

2015 - Riding a three fight skid with losses to Mark Hunt, Alistair Overeem, and Josh Barnett.

Where is he now? Roy's UFC stint would last for another four fights, going win/loss/win/loss during that time, only notching wins over Jared Rosholt and Antonio Silva (who had been knocked out in 5 of his previous 7 fights). The Silva fight is noteworthy only because Roy decided to push/kick John McCarthy after he waved it off because he felt he hadn't stepped in soon enough to stop the fight. The stunt put him in hot water with both the UFC brass and the local athletic commission. I believe he was fined and handed a short suspension for it as well.

After a loss to Alexander Volkov in April last year, his contract wasn't renewed and he jumped ship to Bellator where he beat Javy Ayala in September. It wasn't very pretty, but I believe it was the most I had seen Roy use his ground game since TUF.

Scott Junk

2015 – Retired.

Where is he now? Still retired, moving on.

Darrill Schoonover

2015 - Currently 14-8 and getting disqualified for something in his last fight in October.

Where is he now? He hasn't fought since that DQ loss in October 2015, but he spent part of 2016 on twitter trying to finally score a fight with Quinton Jackson. When that didn't happen (shock of shocks), he teased having some big announcement coming up soon, that was in April 2016 and he hasn't been seen or heard from since. So lets add him to the retired list.

Wes Shivers

2015 - Retired and quite possibly playing bouncer at the same bars Sims goes to. I imagine they've formed some sort of tag team.

Where is he now?

Either in a perpetual state of trying to catch his breath, or possibly being the ref for that Duggout Summer Throwdown event.

Matt Mitrione

2015 - Getting tapped out by Ben Rothwell about 2 seconds after failing his first ever attempt at a takedown this past summer.

Where is he now?

I never thought I'd be typing this, old Meathead is doing the best out of the entire cast these days. Seriously. A few weeks after I originally wrote the above, he took on Travis Browne and was subsequently knocked out in the third round after multiple (unpunished I might add) eye pokes from Travis. By the end of the fight he was left looking like this.


He was released from the UFC and quickly signed with Bellator, and by June he was already fighting under their banner against Carl Seumanutafa. It ended by knockout in the first round, but not before Matt was badly badly rocked and damn near put away himself. But after the sudden passing of Kimbo, Scott Coker decided Matt didn't need to take any time off after getting his brain rattled and had him take Kimbo's place against Thompson just a few weeks later.

His next fight came a year later at the Bellator NYC PPV where he took on and then knocked Fedor Emelianenko out cold in 1:14. Let me repeat that. Matt Mitrione, the same guy who once was submitted by James McSweeney, knocked out Fedor Emelianenko, a guy who many consider to be the HW GOAT. Meathead has Fedor's scalp in his trophy case.

This guy. This same guy...


Beat Fedor...

He's currently set to have a rematch with Roy Nelson (seriously Bellator, STOP with this rancid rematch bullshit, it's fucking clown shoes) in the opening round of the Grand Prix at some point this year. They could seriously hold this fight in an electrified War Games cage suspended over a shark tank and people still wouldn't give two shits about it.

Marcus Jones

2015 - I'm guessing that he's flipping the fuck out on some poor kid at his local comic shop about how fucked the newest edition of the D&D rulebook is.

Where is he now? After getting banned from his local comic shop for scaring both the employees and other customers one time too many, I believe he spends his days writing Stranger Things fan fiction. Otherwise, I haven't been able to find hide nor hair of him.

Mike Wessel

2015 - Getting knocked out by Josh Diekmann in 47 seconds at Bellator 123 last September, dropping him to 14-8.

Where is now?

Turns out Mike had another fight in Bellator in October 2016, a winning effort against Frank Tate, who I'm assuming is the Amalgam Universe version of Frank Mir and Miesha Tate. No more trouble with the law either far as I know.

Zak Jensen

2015 - Near as I can tell, he's working as a salesman at a new and used Kia dealership. Hopefully no one there calls him "Linderman" and no customers say "Hey, didn't I see you on that UFC show?". His last tweet was simply "Work is slow and the weather sucks". Life, stop shitting on Zak Jensen so much!

Where is he now?

A month after I wrote that, Zak became the father to a bouncing baby girl, and a few days after that he tweeted he had been retired for the last three years.

And there you have it. I was genuinely surprised several times while doing my research for this, I was shocked to see that Sims had managed to get a fight anywhere within the states. And I don't think anyone on the face of the earth would have picked Meathead to be the one doing the best out of all of them at this point. MMA is a crazy and unpredictable sport, and heavyweight just takes it to the nth degree.

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