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UFC St. Louis video highlights: Jeremy Stephens TKOs ‘Korean Superboy’ Doo Ho Choi

Check out the full fight video highlights of Jeremy Stephens vs. Doo Ho Choi from the UFC St. Louis main event.

UFC Fight Night: Stephens v Choi Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

The UFC St. Louis crowd was treated to top-15 featherweight action, as the #9 featherweight Jeremy Stephens dusted the #13-ranked Doo Ho Choi in the 2nd round of the main event. The opening round saw instant action, with each fighter standing about two feet apart, going blow for blow. Choi landed a few leg kicks and Stephens snuck in a really clean elbow, but neither man seemed fazed as they headed to their corners. Both men turned up the heat in the 2nd round, landing big shots respectively, but it was Stephens who landed the big punch that dropped his foe, and followed up with some scary ground-and-pound. What a win for Stephens!

Check out Tim Burke’s play-by-play from Jeremy Stephens’ finish of Doo Ho Choi:

Round 2 - Front kick from Choi. Both land punches. Flying knee from Choi. Stephens with a big right and a knee. Now they’re going! Step-in elbow from Choi. Jab from Stephens. Outside leg kick from Choi, and Stephens responds with his own. Stephens with a hard right and a jab. Choi’s nose is marked up. Choi goes to the body. Savage jab from Stephens. Stephens with an overhand right that drops Choi! He jumps into his guard with huge elbows and punches and it is over! WOOOOOW!

Jeremy Stephens defeated Doo Ho Choi via KO (punches), round 2

Look at the heavy handed Jeremy Stephens do his thing:

Nobody wants to feel this right hand:

Watch: Jeremy Stephens stops “Korean Superboy” in round 2